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Join the magical world of the Lusitano in the country of its origin. Photograph outstanding horses, learn equine photography and get to know the culture of Portugal with the tutelage of the portuguese photographer Rita Fernandes.


25th to 30th April 2017, this is one of the best times in Portugal when spring days are warm and long, sun shines and blooming flowers turn the landscape unique and trully colorful.


In Portugal, the country of origin of Lusitano Horses, giving participants the opportunity to live and capture all aspects of Portuguese equestrian life mixing secular tradition with true equestrianism.


5 days fulfilled with a variety of scenarios - typical landscapes, blooming spring pastures and ocean beaches. Powerful and graceful Lusitanos will pose in freedom, perform under saddle and run in herds.


Limited to 12 participants. Whether you are an amateur or advanced photographer this workshop will fit you and exceed your deepest expectations. Be prepared to come back!

Learn & Enjoy

This workshop is not only recreational but also educational. Theoretical lessons combined with practical photo shoots will bring new knowledge and inspiration to all levels of photographers.


Starting at 1.300€ (double room accomodation). It is possible to reserve a single room for extra fee and you can also book equestrian experiences during our equine photo workshop. See price details HERE.


Learn more details about this photo workshop lead by the portuguese photographer Rita Fernandes.

Learn Equine Photography

Get deep theoretical knowledge about technical aspects of photography and learn specifics of equine photography in different scenarios.

What topics at theoretical lessons?

  • Choosing cameras and lenses for equine photography
  • Understanding working principles and technical parameters of your camera
  • Basic knowledge of composition, light and colors and other general photography issues
  • Organizing photo shoots with horses
  • Photographing horses in different locations and scenarios: important issues, tips & tricks
  • Understanding horse psychology and applying it to the photographic process
  • Basics of photo post-processing

A true cultural experience

Enjoy riding experiences for all levels of riders, visit emblematic sites of Portugal, enjoy traditional flavours through wine and cheese tasting.

What about extra activities?

  • Have a special touristic day: take the time to visit some of the main attractions of the capital and roam the streets to get to know this incredible city.
  • Riding lessons for riders of all levels: whether you are an amateur or experienced rider, take the chance to ride our amazing Lusitano schoolmasters.
  • Enjoy a new gastronomic experience: savor the best of traditional Portuguese dishes and take part in wine and cheese tasting.
  • Visit a Portuguese tack shop and treat yourself and your horse with the best traditional outfits.

Details you need to know

What photographic equipment do I need for this workshop?

You need your photo-camera: the best option is DSLR. We advise you to take several type of lenses: zoom 70-200 or fix 200 mm is strongly recommended. Don’t forget extra memory cards and batteries. Laptop is a must to download photos and work with material you will collect. Before the workshop starts we will guide you personally in all details assuring you are ready.

Does my photographic experience matter?

No, it does not! Theoretical lessons and photo shoots are designed so that both amateur and advanced photographers can improve their skills and photographic knowledge and capture unique moments in exquisite scenarios. Our team assures to each participant personal guidance and proper space to clarify individual questions.

How can I use the photos collected during this workshop?

All photos taken during this workshop can be used and shared for personal purposes and professional portfolio only, mentioning the workshop’s title when used. Due to legal matters, commercial use of the images will not be allowed in any situation - photos can neither be sold, published or distributed gratuitously to the press.


This Equine Photo Workshop is an outstanding opportunity reserved only to 12 participants.

Don't waste more time – reserve now your place and join the adventure.

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Photo Workshop Pricing

Don’t wait any longer! Secure your place now. Get to know what is included in our prices.


1300 €

  • Theoretical and practical sessions
  • Accommodation in shared DOUBLE room
  • Breakfast included
  • Transportation during workshop
  • Airplane Tickets and meals are not included


+70 €

  • BOOK RIDING LESSONS WITH OUR LUSITANO SCHOOLMASTERS. You must reserve this experience in advance: you can enjoy up to 3 lessons during this workshop.
  • Extend your travels for an INTENSIVE RIDING HOLLIDAY PACKAGE: ask us how - price under request.

Rita Fernandes invites you to join

Portuguese equine photographer Rita Fernandes focuses most of her work in the Lusitano breed. Specializing in this breed was a natural development of her life time passion for the Lusitano. Rita is photographing at professional level for several years now and is a Co-founder of Lusitano World. Ever since she began photographing, she has been in the organization of numerous international Photo-Workshops aiming to promote the Lusitano breed.

All of my life I have gravitated towards the Lusitano horse. This breed is just so special - they truly get "under your skin". Each photo-session with a Lusitano is like a conversation. I am truly happy to invite you to join us in Portugal to enjoy this connection for yourself - experience their generosity, their willingness to connect with the photographers camera and their powerful movements in liberty or under saddle - it's truly a magical and inspirational thing! It is this life-changing interaction between horse and photographer, all that the Lusitano horse speaks to me, that I wish to share with you.