Lusitano International Horse Show 2017


The International Lusitano Horse Show is one of the main events of the Lusitano Breed Calendar. From the 15th to the 17th of June, all eyes turned to Quinta da Marinha, Cascais, where some of the best Lusitano Horses were displayed in the traditional Model and Gaits, Working Equitation, Portuguese Equitation and Dressage competitons.

This year was no different from last year: organized by APSL – Portuguese Association of the Lusitano Breed – this event showcases the reasons why the Lusitano Horse is the pride of Portugal, admired and cherished worldwide.


Dressage Events

The first day of the event highlighted the sportive side of the Lusitano in one of the most demanding equestrian sports: Dressage Events are gaining popularity, with a growing number of competitors presenting their Lusos at all levels of the discipline, right up to Grand Prix.

12 combinations disputed the PSG level in what was a very competitive class. Maria Pais do Amaral took the top honours in the class with “Fidalgo”, scoring 68,800%, Maria Caetano Couceiro finished in second place with “Falcão” with the score of 68,267% and third place went to Rodrigo Torres with “Fogoso” scoring  68,067%.

In the Grand Prix, Rodrigo Torres and “Califa II” were the top scoring combination with a final score of 69,433%. An outstanding performance in the class was given by the fabulous Lusitano mare, “Bailarina da Broa” who debuted recently at Grand Prix level with a quiet elegance, with rider Manuel Borba Veiga showing his impeccable skill in the saddle, dancing their way to a score of 69,133%.


Model & Gaits Competitions

The second day of the Festival was dedicated to female model and gaits classes. Dozens of Lusitano mares invaded the central grass field of Quinta da Marinha, in a proud parade of fantastic movers and beautiful models. "Memoria" from Coudelaria Leonardo Franco enchanted the audience with her lovely expression and typical looks, winning the 1-year-old class with a Gold medal. "Laranja" from Herdade das Silveiras impressed with her excellent movements taking home a gold medal and first prize in the 2-year-old female category. Coudelaria Leonardo Franco also took the top spot in the 3-year-old class, with “J’Adore”, owned by Manuela Büttcher. In the ridden mares’ category , best mare was Coudelaria Luis Bastos’ “Iris” presented under saddle by Tiago Albergaria. "Channel N5" proved again that she is a premium mare, being presented, not for the first time, with the title of Female Champion – and therefore selected to dispute the title of Champion of Champions in the last night of the event at Hipódromo Manuel Possolo - Cascais.

"Channel N5" proved again that she is a premium mare, being presented, not for the first time, with the title of Female Champion.

The male classes at the International Lusitano Horse Show 2017 were highly anticipated, with competitors bringing their ‘A-game’, and showing top bloodstock from the best bloodlines the Lusitano Breed has to offer. Four horses impressed the judges into awarding them Gold Medals during Saturday’s classes. “Magnata da Faias” from Coudelaria Luís Bastos was the winner of the 1-year-old title and was also awarded a gold medal. “Justo MK” bred by Coudelaria Vila Viçosa and presented by the very capable hands of José Miguel Vinagre, was the gold medal first place winner in the 3-year-old category. The expressive chestnut stallion “Idolo d’Atela”, bred by Lusitanos D’Atela took first prize in the 4-year-old ridden stallions. Torres Vaz Freire Stud shone in the 5-year-old class, with the Festivals ‘power couple’ taking the top 2 spots on the podium. Maria Amaral and “Fidalgo” took first place and another of the days prestigious gold medals, “Califa II” was ridden by Rodrigo Torres into second place and a silver medal.


Overall Male Champion of the International Lusitano Horse Show 2017 was taken by the outstanding 2-year-old colt “Lux”, co-owned by José Filipe Guerreiro Santos and António Correia de Mendonça. This lovely young horse was bred by Coudelaria Duarte Rico and is definitely one to look out for in the future! “Lux” also competed for the overall title of Champion of Champions against the multi-awarded mare “Channel N5”. Title was won by Chanel N5, bravely presented by João Oliveira who despite his recent injury, insisted on running with her for the victory.

Champion of Champions title was disputed between the outstanding 2-year-old colt “Lux” and the multi-awarded “Channel N5”. Title was won by Chanel N5, bravely presented by João Oliveira.

Lusitanos d’Atela presented more than fifteen horses of their brand during the show with good results and was thus awarded Best Breeder by APSL at this year’s International Lusitano Horse Show.


Working Equitation & Portuguese Equitation

One of the stages of the National Championship of Working Equitation was held at the International Lusitano Horse Show. Vasco Mira Godinho confirmed his skill in the Masters Class, taking first and second prizes with Working Equitation’s golden horse “Trigo” and powerful mare “Diospira” respectively. Third place in Master’s was awarded to Gilberto Filipe with “Zinque das Lezirias”, who won the Consagrados Class riding “Assuão”, followed by João Bento riding “Elástico OC”.

In the Portuguese Equitation Competition, the best pair was João Faustino with the ever impressive “Ferrolho”, who performed with great class and suppleness achieving a final mark of 69,44%. Eduardo Almeida riding “Guadiana da Caniceira” was second (67,96%), followed by Frederico Peres with “Evimar” (66,3%).


Equestrian Gala & Homages

During the Lusitano Horse Show homage was paid to several important figures in the Lusitano World. The show this year was dedicated to João Ralão Duarte, Secretary General of the Portuguese Lusitano Association, who plays an important role in the worldwide promotion of the Lusitano breed.

The nineteen-year-old International Olympic Dressage Stallion “Rubi AR” – recently recognized with the title of “Merit Stallion *****” – was awarded with the recognition of Lusitano “Elite Stallion” at the International Lusitano Horse Show 2017. “Rubi AR” a much-loved horse who is a true ambassador of the Lusitano breed, delighted the audience with his presence, showing that even at nineteen he can still capture the full attention of the crowd. Also recognized was the contribution of Christine Jacoberger, the woman who orchestrated the outstanding career of this horse on the world stage, a true believer and promotor of the competitiveness and capability of the Sporting Model of the Lusitano Breed.

Remaining in the hearts of Lusitano lovers worldwide and remembered once again at this show, was the great Carlos Oliveira, master of the ‘in hand’ presentation of the Lusitano breed, who left us in a tragic accident 6 months ago. Our thoughts and a world of support go to his family, and especially his wife Keron Psillas, a fantastic equine photographer who was present at the Festival to deliver the award of Best Presenter, this year given to José Miguel Vinagre.

The big finale of the International Lusitano Horse Show 2017, was a gala performance for all of the guests, displaying the different facets of the Lusitano breed, with some of the best and most well-known Portuguese riders and horses. A dazzling display was accompanied by lights, fire, typical Portuguese music and lots of fun. The images speak for themselves, so we invite you to have a look at Lusitano World’s photo gallery through the lens of the talented Rita Fernandes.