LW Team Member

Filipa Jácome

Founding Partner & CEO

«Even before she started talking Filipa was already obsessed with horses» says Filipa’s mother. Coming from a non-equestrian family, Filipa’s passion never vanished, only increased with time. When she finished the high-school studies she asked to go to Alter Stud to become a professional rider. Her parents advised her to focus on studies and go to college. So it was: Filipa studied Psychology, focusing on organization, management and marketing areas. At 21 she started a successful and fast speeding career in Human Resources Consulting, working with the biggest and more renowned international companies - such as Deloitte, PwC - and later with the Presidency of the Republic.

Horses were there the whole time, but something was missing. Until the day Filipa made the decision to combine her passion with her business knowledge – Lusitano World started. Passionate, persistent and extremely focused in goals, Filipa talks about how she founded Lusitano World:

«When I started to think in a deeper way about the market for the Lusitano breed, I realized so much could be done to promote it! I began to design a draft business plan and Lusitano World basic stones were set. Image services and all web business approach was a raw diamond waiting to be explored. Together with an amazing team we launched this project at Golega Fair 2014 and the feedback was fabulous! The project grew and our network of partners started to increase much faster than predicted! So in January 2016, I decided to follow the same advice I used to give to my consulting clients: “Dream big. Do every day something that scares you.” I could not be happier with my decision to combine my passion with business and fully dedicate my time to Lusitano World. My challenge is clear: to create the best Lusitano breed promotion project in the world – aiming to help people worldwide to get to know these wonderful horses and to provide an easy and direct access to the world of the Lusitano Horse. Do or do not – there is no try!»