LW Team Member

Katya Druz

Partner & Photographe

Since Katya remembers, her biggest dream was to be near horses and see them happy. Her dream started turning into reality when she began to work with horses at 11 and when, after several years, she got her own horse who would become her beloved friend for a long time. Throughout years of his ownership, Katya discovered the interesting and exciting world of horses, getting deep knowledge of horse psychology and equine management. After the tragic loss of her equine companion, she started to search for a new way to stay connected to horses and be able to express her love towards them, and photography turned out to be the best possibility. While photographing horses, from the very beginning, Katya focuses on two main things: depicting the horse’s body in the best way (where vast knowledge about horse anatomy is crucial); and capturing the horse’s personality and unique character.
After several years of looking at photography as a hobby, it began to take more and more of her time and heart, turning into a big passion and professional work. Her rapidly growing career as professional equine photographer, who is traveling worldwide, led her once to Portugal, where she met Lusitano World’s Team, true fans of horses and the Lusitano breed. It was very inspiring to meet people, who shared the same thoughts about horses and photography and join them in new exciting projects! Katya is sharing how she found her path towards the Lusitano horse:

«To get to know better the Lusitano breed was my big dream since I started to capture horses with my camera. The strong spirit, beauty and bright personalities of these horses always attracted me, and it was very logical to come to Portugal to get to know them more closely, in their native country. Strong equestrian tradition, beautiful sceneries and so many gorgeous horses - Portugal is a true paradise for me as a photographer. I’ve been truly inspired. I felt the strong will to make people around the world know these horses better. That time I met Lusitano World team, who was having the same ideas, and it was so encouraging! With great pleasure I became part of the company, and here we are now, showing Lusitanos in photographs, developing new exciting projects, creating a solid network of people, united by the love towards the world of the Lusitano horse.»