Alter Real Auction 2018

Full house at Alter Real Auction on the 270th anniversary



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PHOTO Rita Fernandes , Katya Druz

Full house at Alter Real Auction

The 24th of April marks the day for the festivities at typical Alentejo village of Alter do Chao. This small village is tightly connected with the Lusitano horse - namely, with one of of the main lineages of the breed, Alter Real, whose studfarm is located at the beautiful Tapada do Arneiro.

This stud completes this year its 270th anniversary, since its foundation by king Don Carlos 5th in 1748. And like many years before now, the stud has held an annual auction on the 24th of April. With the sun shining and great 25C, it was a full house day: once again the benches were full with a crowd willing to watch and bid on the featured horses.

This year, 19 horses were brougth to the bidding arena. Most are youngsters, 4 years of age, but some more advanced horses and even foaled mares were offered for sale. 


Fierce disputes and spectacular presentations

This year the dispute for the best animals was fierce, with many biddings and a positive blance with about half the animals sold.

The females were the main interest, with 6 out of 9 animals sold. The most disputed mare was Jaca (Colonel AR x Veija-lá AR) that went for double the starting price after a heavy bidding dispute that reached a final value of 10,500€. Concerning males, Jenjibre (Jacaré II AR x Xelna AR) received the greatest reaction from the crowd when the last bid went high in price and won the biding war, finishing at 20,000€.

Between the excitement of the bids, there are always spectacular presentations of horses from the Stud. This year, the Portuguese School of Equestrian Art entertained the crowd with their show of “picaria real riding” and airs above the ground. Also, Maria Caetano Couceiro innaugurated a Kur with her competition stallion Fenix de Tineo - a horse with Alter bloodlines - gracing the central arena with a top dressage performance.



Also a moment to highlight, Alter Stud was pleased to announce the awarding of the name of José D'Athayde, Master of Riding and responsible for the recovery of the lineage of the horse AR, to the riding arena that is now being restored. At the end, to close the show, there is the mares letting to be watched and for those thirsty or hungry from the afternoon’s heat, plenty of little stalls to stop by and have a snack or a cold beer.

The horses not sold at auction are still available for purchase to any interested party, only with a small increase of 10% in list price. You can check the list directly at the Stud Website or contact Lusitano World for more information. 


Photo Highlights by Lusitano World