“Black Beauty” travels to Malaysia

Eda Wong will compete at Asia with Equador



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PHOTO Katya Druz

This is the story of Eda, who found her black beauty with Lusitano World

The 1st time Lusitano World team heard about Eda Wong, a young and talented rider from Kuala Lumpur, we knew we had a challenge ahead. Coming back from a serious leg and hip injury Eda would be traveling to Portugal for a 2nd time after a failed horse search trip. She was looking for a young, safe and talented Lusitano, piro-free, suitable for dressage competitions but with soft movements – key success factor due to her recent injury. The horse should be performing PSG exercises and, the icing on the cake, black color! «I always love a challenge» says Filipa Jácome, responsible for horse searching process in Lusitano World. «During one of our first conversations we played saying it would be looking for a needle in a haystack».

This is the history of Eda Wong who found her dream horse - the “black beauty” as Eda fondly calls Equador - will be an ambassador of the Lusitano Breed at Malaysia, with the goal of representing Malaysian team at the South East Asian Games in August 2017 and at the 2018 Asian Games.


LW:  Why a Lusitano Horse?
Eda: After riding many different kinds of horses, and having not so good experiences with some, I did some research before starting the search for my next partner, and thought that the Lusitano breed would be perfect for what I want. Intelligent, powerful, brave and kind to the rider. And coming from Portugal, the horse will be better suited to the weather in Malaysia. After the first time I sat on a Lusitano, I was hooked!!!

LW:  How did you find your dream horse?
Eda: Filipa, from Lusitano World, was introduced to me by a friend from Thailand. From the first contact we spent a lot of time discussing what I was looking for - for dressage specifically - and that the horse must have a good temperament, must be at least 7 years old, not too big and preferably already doing the tempi changes. 

She sent me many photos and videos, I picked the ones I liked, and then from there she also started to understand what I was looking for. When I arrived in Portugal, I didn’t see horse I didn’t want to bring home. Filipa really found me horses that fit what I was looking for. After the first day of riding she also took some horses off the list and put a couple more on that she thought would suit me better.

LW: How important was for you to have the support and advice of Lusitano World in this process? 
Eda: LW was very important. From the start, they understood my goals and tailored a horse shopping experienced that was amazing. Filipa is a super horsewoman and also seems to know everyone! It was quite the experience to go to different stables and get to meet the top horses and riders of Portugal. 

LW: You’ve tested several horses during your trip, but easily understood that Equador «was the one». Was it love at 1st sight?
Eda: I think having been horse hunting several times, and it’s really easy to tell when you’ve found the wrong horse, and can be quite difficult to tell the difference between finding a nice horse and THE horse. The feeling I got the first time I sat on him was super. He’s not entirely fault free, but I also feel that I can trust him, he is just so sweet and kind.

Filipa really found me horses that fit what I was looking for. From the start, they understood my goals and tailored a horse shopping experienced that was amazing. (...) It was quite an experience to go to different stables and get to meet the top horses and riders of Portugal.

LW: Describe us Equador – what makes him so special?
Eda: Every little girl dreams of a black beauty, and I've found mine. Equador is every little girl’s dream - he’s a beautifully put together black stallion, with a comma on his face. He is the perfect size for me, and his movement suits me perfectly. Coming back from a serious leg and hip injury, the movement of the horse was also a very big factor that I have to consider. There was another horse that also ticked all the right boxes and gave me an incredible ride, but that movement was a little bit too bouncy for me.

LW: What are your goals with your new equine partner?
Eda: My first goal with Equador is to get to know him better and to better understand the sport of dressage. Even though he is young he can teach me a lot about correct riding. After that I will be aiming to get to the South East Asian Games next year (August 2017) and after that maybe the 2018 Asian Games. And maybe one day come back to Europe and compete.

LW: Equador will be one of the few Lusitano Horses in Malaysia. How is the equestrian context at Malaysia? And do you think the Lusitano Breed fits the riding profile of Asian riders? 
Eda: The equestrian world in Malaysia is growing and I think the Lusitano breed would suit Asian riders perfectly. Firstly, they should adapt well to our weather and their size is also perfect for us. The breed is also recognized for their kind nature and will to cooperate with the rider, which allows to less experienced riders to make some mistakes.

LW: This is the beginning of a story of joy and success, that might inspire other to go on similar adventure. What would be your 3 top advices for someone who is searching for a Lusitano horse to buy? 
Eda: Try as many as you can; Don’t be afraid to say what you don’t want; Go with Lusitano World, they know what they are doing!


Hapiness face of Eda the first time she rode Equador, under the attentive look of Filipa Jácome from Lusitano World team.