"Trigo & Joio"

Casa do Olival welcomes Joio



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PHOTO Rita Fernandes

"Trigo & Joio" - Casa do Olival welcomes Joio JNJ

Trigo, the “golden” horse, is worldwide known for his innumerous victories and titles in Working Equitation. Bred by Ferraz da Costa stud, this 4* Stallion, recommended for Working Equitation by APSL, is the main stallion from Casa do Olival Stud.

We are delighted to share that it is now time for Trigo, Vasco Mira Godinho and Miguel Pires to welcome a new member of the team, the young 2 year old chestnut Lusitano: Joio JNJ! With remarkable bloodlines - Riopele SC by Hostil * Esteva JNJ by Incrivel JNJ – Joio showed amazing movement and excellent character. Casa do Olival Stud believes this will be a clear bet to achieve higher functionality for the Lusitano Breed. 

Joio arrived in the begining of October to Casa do Olival's facilities and will be delivered to the care of Joao Pedro Rosa. We will be looking forward to hear more about the development of this promising young horse.