Equine Photo Workshop Free-Spirited Lusitanos

Equine Photo Workshop with Rita Fernandes



TEXT Rita Fernandes


PHOTO Rita Fernandes

Photographing Free-Spirited Lusitanos - a daring Photo-Adventure

The Lusitano breed is undoubtedly a treasure of Portugal. The passion for this breed - whose magnificent horses have not only the willingness to connect with the rider, but also with the photographers’ cameras - is the driven force behind Lusitano World’s work and Portugal’s rich equestrian culture.

Homeland of these incredible breed is the sinuous hills and granitic outcrops of the Alentejo, wild and unforgiving in the summer to most vegetation except the cork trees that become the landmarks of the countryside. This landscape reflects much of the spirit of the Lusitano horse – resilient and brave – and served as the background for another of the Lusitano World's international photo-workshop fittingly entitled “Free-Spirited Lusitanos”. This equine photo-workshop took place between 12th and 17th of September 2017. The attending Photographers were given privileged access to renowned stud farms and landmarks. 


Unique Scenarios and Unforgettable Moments

The visits to Alter Real Stud gave the photographers a sight into some of the oldest lines of Lusitanos and to the rare Sorraia breed, of which there are only 200 exemplars worldwide. To watch the fluid movement of the herd and walk amongst mares and foals of Alter was a truly unique experience.

Traveling to the shores of the river Caia, participants visited the charismatic Pedro Sousa Vieira Stud, registering the swift movements of its horses at liberty in the small fortress that is the center of this stud. To walk the now dry riverbed of the Caia to photograph the mares at sunset while they cross the diminished waterlines is a rare and unique experience.


A short one-hour drive away is typical Vila-Viçosa, home to its namesake stud farm with its nearly glacial white outdoor arena where the stallions are allowed to play, and warm tones of red and yellow of the surrounding building’s architecture perfect for standing shots.

And already on the way to Lisbon, the group made a stop at Évora for a photoshoot with Paulo Ponte Stud - we had the chance not only to photograph its playful and colorful stallions that played in freedom performing acrobatic movements to our camaras but also to photograph them posing near Evora's monuments, a rare opportunity that provided us with exquisite photographic results.  

Join us for our next photo-adventure in 2018! Organizing successful photo-workshops since 2015, Lusitano World will continue to promote similar initiatives in 2018. Be part of this Lusitano experience! Follow us on #LW Facebook Page to keep up with the new Lusitano World Events and join us next time! You can also email us: contactus@lusitanoworld.com