Herdade do Pinheiro celebrates its 100th anniversary

Commemoration of the 100th aniversary of the stud



TEXT Rita Fernandes


PHOTO Rita Fernandes

Herdade do Pinheiro 100th Anniversary

On the 17th and 18th of September, Lusitano World’s Team was honoured to be invited to the celebration of a historical landmark for one of our partners and associated studs, Herdade do Pinheiro, with whom we have been working in the image and promotion of their amazing horses.

On the river Sado’s shore, integrated in the magnificent estuary landscape looking over Ilha do Cavalo (Horse Island), the Herdade do Pinheiro has been in the family of Stephanie Gicot since her ancestor, Edmund Bartissol, purchased it in 1879 from “Casa do Infante”. It’s on this idyllic landscape of the Sado Estuary at Alcácer do Sal that the horses from the Herdade do Pinheiro Stud have been bred since 1916. In these 100 years of breeding history, several horses of this brand – Lusitanos and Lusitano crossbreeds – stood out in the national and international equestrian panorama. With many accomplished horses in bullfighting and sports and faithful to the famous stallion Nilo lineage that is in the genes of all the mares, the Herdade do Pinheiro now uses accomplished stallions from other studs.

The centenary of the Stud was celebrated in the presence of friends, the APSL and fellow Lusitano breeders. The event open-sky gathered 160 people and seven studs that exhibited 12 horses for Saturday’s show – from young horses and adult mares in hand, to ridden mares and stallions that compete in bullfighting, working equitation or dressage – showing the breed’s versatility.

In Stephanie's words: «A century-old stud does not grow overnight. It is made with love, with dedication and with patience. It is made with the help of friends, with the support of professionals who will help you to choose the right paths. One hundred years. A century of respecting our ancestors’ work, with the will to continue noble traditions, to take part, with pride, in the history of the Lusitano horse. To perpetuate a stud created by my great-great-great-grandfather, Edmond Bartissol. The first century is over. Let us embrace the next with the stength and energy necessary to continue to write the story.»

Following an informal cocktail with a privileged view of the sun setting over the Estuary, dinner took place under the full moon in the incredible Jardim do Palácio. Celebrations also included a new presentation of horses on Sunday morning, this time for Herdade do Pinheiro’s workers, active and retired – most still living on the property – closing the joyous celebrations in the spirit of community.


We invite you to see in images the best moments of Herdade do Pinheiro centenary birthday...