29 New Lusitano Stallions

Homero JCL achieves the highest score of 75,5%



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Homero JCL received the highest score at the 1st Stallion Approval of 2018

APSL’s first public concentration for stallion approval of 2018 took place in Golegã this past Saturday, on January 27th. 33 horses between the ages of 4 and 12 were evaluated for their morphology and quality of gaits under saddle. The Stallion with the highest score was the 6 year old Homero JCL (Omega * Aldegalega by Napolitano), approved with 75.5%. This amazing horse - bred by José Correia Leite Stud and owned by Las Fuentecillas Sporthorses - was already winner of several gold medals and twice Champion of Champions at Golegã. Homero was presented by Lusitano World team rider João Sousa Faustino

Overall, 29 new stallions were admitted to the Adult Stud-book: you can see HERE the offical detailed classifications chart. 


Understanding the Grading and Regulation of the APSL Stallion Approval

This is the second year when the new official regulation and more detailed scorecard of classification have been in place. Currently, the scorecard includes the evaluation of seven different morphological areas: (1) head and neck; (2) withers and shoulders; (3) chest and ribcage; (4) back and loins (5) croup; (6) legs; and (7) overall conformation. Stallions are also evaluated for their rideability in the three gaits - walk; trot and canter. All itens are scored between 0 and 10.

One of the new important changes from the previous evaluation system is that currently some of the itens have partial marks, that are now announced separately, although only their average is used for calculating the final score. The items with partial marks are:
- Head and Neck
- Legs: front legs and back legs
- Movements: walk, trot and canter.

Another important concept to understand the grading system - already present since several years - is that some characteristics are considered to have a greater impact on type and functionality so their marks are multiplied by a factor of 1.5. Those items with bigger influence in final total score are:
- Chest and ribcage
- Legs: front legs and back legs
- Overall conformation
- Movements: walk, trot and canter.
The remaining four areas of evaluation have a factor of 1 in the final grade.

To be approved for breeding, the stallion must undergo previous veterinary exams that prove he is reproductively sound. Aditionally if a horse is evaluated with any score under "5", he will be immediatly disqualified. Also, a horse cannot gather more than two scores of "6", neither more than one score of "5". This rule allows to exclude from reproduction system any horse with severe anomallies or totally out of the breeding pattern. 


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