A Friendship That Conquered The World

There is a saying that "there is no bigger secret than the one between rider and his horse". And the glorious couple in the photo, that I was fortunate to photograph, truly confirms that.

On this photo talented Pedro Torres, multi awarded world champion of working equitation, is posing with his famous partner, Lusitano stallion Oxidado. From the first glance it is obvious, how tight their connection is.

The day of the photo...

It was cloudy and rainy day, when Lusitano World team and 12 participants of workshop, led by me, went into a beautiful forest nearby Lisbon to capture renowned riders of Portugal. We worried a bit about the lack of light and the rain, which didn’t seem to stop, but everyone immediately forgot all the troubles, when we saw who was approaching us on the forest path. Truly inspired, we made dozens of great photographs, where Pedro and Oxidado demonstrated great piaffe and passage, striking pirouettes or just galloped through puddles with lot of fun.

Why did I choose this photo?

But I chose to show you this photo, because it is not about great quality of elements or their fame or glory, but firstly about exceptional, deep and inspiring friendship of two partners, man and horse, who conquered the world together... and are still happy just being with each other.