Be as one


Every time I observe horses' communication with each other, I become fascinated at how fast they can start to act like one organism. Their movements are synchronized, they look in the same way, even the expression of their faces becomes identical.

Getting the best out of circumstances 
That day I was lucky to have two beautiful Lusitanos posing for me in a white arena. Having only different shades of grey to work with, I could concentrate on nice lines and composition on photographs, more than on colors.

After horses warmed up and played some games with each other, the helper asked them to move around arena, and circle after circle I was noticing horses were becoming more and more synchronized with each other, until they started to move totally hand-in-hand. I wanted to find some interesting and not very obvious way to show this equality of two horses, and after several tries I came up with this portrait.

Idea behind the photo

For me it tells us not just about twin horses, but also about the soulmate, who can always feel you, stand behind your back to support and encourage to go forward despite of all fears and difficulties.