Become the Light

All the beauty of life is made up of light and shadow. Photography is about playing with that concept - light has many natures, colors and intensities that can be used to set the mood for the photo. The same can be said for horses - you need to take into account their coat colors and personalities and how they interact with the available light in your photo.

Study your options

That's why I always like to get to know "my horses" before the shoot. This Lusitano Stallion was a true gem - a kind personality to match his pearly white coat and long mane. For this artistic liberty shoot, we had two options - to shoot inside a bullfighting pen, against a clean white wall with OK light all around or in a very big arena against a cluttered background, where the late afternoon sun only shone through two buildings.

To risk or not to risk

There was only one way the big arena could work - to get enough contrast between the white stallion and the darker cluttered background - but I gambled on it anyway! When we set him free, he seemed to know exactly where to go and how to show off for the cameras. This boy gifted me with so many striking shots when he stepped from the dark side of the arena and into the sunlight. Becoming not only enlightened - but the light itself!