Birth of Pegasus

Sometimes, when I am thoroughly planning the photo-shoot, set the light,
think about composition and what exactly I want to get, in the end it turns
out that the best photo was done almost accidentally!
This photo was one of such gifts, given to me by a beautiful Lusitano horse
and a great team of helpers.

Getting ready

We started to photograph this grey Lusitano, using artificial lights and the
smoke, but in the beginning the horse was too scared to stand still, while
the smoke was being expelled with loud roar from the smoke machine. So,
the handler decided to make him accustomed to the whole set up by
leading the horse around for a while.

Precious moment to catch

Everything was going well, until once they were passing the smoke maching and someone switched it on
at the same moment. The horse was not terrified, just made his eyes a bit
bigger and the movements more flashy.
Fortunately, I was in the right place to capture that striking moment, when,
surrounded by the smoke, this Lusitano almost turned into a magical
winged creature.