Farewell to a beautiful day

One of the key elements to making a good image is preparation - studying the light, browsing possible scenarios, compositing the framing, preparing the horse. When preparation and shooting happen in the same day, it's not always easy to accurately predict where the light is going to be or how it will interact with the elements in the landscape.

Preparing the shoot can turn odds into success

This photo I love so much because it was a result of preparation - but also nature's boon! Dusk and fog had already muted the red sunset to pink when we took the final horse of the photoshoot to the dunes' and I spotted the very last ray of light hitting that special location I had saved for last.

The rush of catching the last rays of light

We had maybe three minutes left of light! There was just time to ask the horse to climb up on the very narrow strip of sand by the fallen pine-tree, run to check settings and frame, ask the horse's ears and... shoot! The very last ray hit the horse giving his grey coat a golden hue to contrast with the purples and blues of the sky. And the pastel colors fit the horse so well - he was sweet, a bit shy but very trusting of his human. I think he honestly enjoyed the trip to the dunes and to watch the last strip of sun sink into the ocean ahead.