Photo Workshop for Beginners

101 Equine Photography

  • 17-19 February 2023
  • Portugal
  • 1.300
  • 15 places
  • 17-19 February 2023
  • Portugal
  • 15 places
  • 1.300


Light? Exposure? Aperture? Framing? Composition? Not working… starting all over again, but not really understanding why or what you should be doing different? Failed experiments on getting fabulous photos of our horse can be really frustrating! If you are struggling to set up on your level and get those professional and high quality equine images, than you are in the right place!

Join Lusitano World’s 101 Equine Photography – a Crash Course tailored to beginners, designed to offer the amateur photographer basic skills, technical information and valuable tools – in an easy-to-understand way – to sharpen your equine photography skills and to assure you will become a better photographer. Starting from the basics, the experienced and renowned photographer Malin Wengdahl will give you step by step guidance on the theoretical master-classes! We will then take the class-room outdoors: repeating in practice what we have learned in theory is the best recipe for success, assuring an exponential learning curve and top-quality final results!  

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Not Sure if this Course is for you?

Malin Wendgalh explains why you should join!

Malin is a renewed professional equine photographer with 10 years of working experience. She has experienced the difficulty of starting a career in equine photography when this business was not yet so popular, and she wants to give her contribute to make your skill development faster and smoother. Here is her advice:

This course is tailored to beginners, but more advanced photographers will also find lots of nuggets of information. I will share all details of my working-process: how to choose the best location, preparation of the photo-shoot, manage the process of taking photos and, when back in the computer, how to select the best images and edit them for a premium result. An intense get away weekend for you to focus on one thing - to become a better equine photographer. We are waiting for you!

101 WORSKHOP Contents

  • Learn & Review the Photo Theory


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    1. How cameras work – learn about aperture, shutter speed and ISO. Put the 3 elements together and master the exposure triangle, the key to capture professional looking photos! 

    2. Understand YOUR Camera – make full use of your camera histogram; explore the shooting modes and learn when to use each of them. Get control over depth of field; white balance and focal length. Understand what the crop factor is and why and when you should shoot RAW.

    3. Composition – understand the main compositional rules: rule of thirds; visual weight; triangles; eye-lines and balance. Learn how to use them! Then learn how to break them to create your own art.


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    1. Choose your equipment – when it comes to horse photography it is important have the right equipment! You want to make sure you keep the horse proportion and avoid distortion. We will explain all you need to know to make sure you have the right gear and you know how to adapt to each situation.

    2. Clusters of Equine Photography –Explore the different types and approaches to equine photography. From doing a horse profile; to portrait the relationship of horse & human; to depict fantastic freedom shoots to the specifics of the technical ridden photos. 

    3. Equine Photography Basic Rules – basic rules to keep in mind when photographing horses; Find our all the do's and don’ts and discuss the special little detail that will make a difference in your final result!

  • Ready, set: go! Time to put it into practice


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    1. Preparation is key – define your photo session goals before starting! Then make sure you prepare properly your models, both horse and rider, to get the best results. Learn how to choose the best scenarios for each horse and never forget that safety comes first.

    2. Directing the session – when the session starts you must make sure you keep the control on what is happening - we will share all the tips & tricks how to get that special pose or moment for both horse and human.

    3. Photographer can’t forget – we will create a check-list of what you simply can't dismiss as an equine photography: never forget about your position; always check and review settings; patience is key and always know when to stop!


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    1. Create a horse profile – we will go through the full process with several different horses - neck shoot; conformation; three quarters and get creative. We will also analyze how to make each horse unique?

    2. Horse & Human – we will create dreamy images of a horse and human - both in hand and under saddle, in sport outfit and Portuguese traditional costume. We will make the exercise not only from the photographer point of view, but also from the model, to understand the differences between directing and being directed.

    3. Ridden Photos – we will photograph horses doing several different exercises and learn the right phases of each movement; on location we will let you know how to choose the best angle for a better final output.

    4. Liberty – we will go creative and photograph horses in freedom, exploring the true essence and nature of this powerful animal. We will also simulate freedom and let you know you to achieve a final end result where you simulate a horse free in the nature; we will explore how and when to zoom-in and zoom-out.

  • Master Edition Workflow & Techniques


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    1. Get to know the best tools - we will explore the most used programs for photographers all over the world: Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop. We will review the basic settings and explore the most useful tools of it.

    2. Create a workflow – your photography workflow is the sequence of steps and actions you take to edit your photos, work them up to a result you consider finished, and share them with the world. From capture; import; organize; develop and save final output, we will give you the tips to better organize your work. We will also remind you the importance of backup!

    3. Edition & Retouching – we will review of the basic tools to give your photos that extra 'wow'-factor that will push the quality of your images to the next level. We will do a shared example in the masterclass and allow you to do it in your favorite photo in an edition class, with the full guidance of Malin.

Start your photo journey

With the 101 Equine Photography Workshop you will get the answers you've been looking for.

From the theory in the masterclass, to the practice in specific photo-shoots, to the edition techniques you need to master to get that 'WOW' picture with top-quality final result, this crush course will approach it all! A super intensive weekend focused in only one thing - make YOU become a better equine photographer!

Watch the presentation video and make sure you join us!

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101 Equine Photography Workshop

This workshop is focused on providing our students with the theoretical knowledge they need to improve their photo-skills and start their photography carreer. This specific program does not allow commercial neither editorial use of the photos. We have other programs that allow the commertial use of photos, desgined for that specific purpose.

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3 online coaching sessions

Let the 101 workshop be just the begining - unleash the potential in you by booking 3 online coaching sessions with Malin Wendgalh. These sessions will take 1 hour and will be designed according to your goals and needs to assure you get all the assistance you need to take your skills to a whole new level.

INCLUDED in the price

  • Theoretical and practical sessions
  • Accommodation in double room
  • Breakfast included
  • Transportation during workshop
  • Transfer from / to Lisbon airport

EXCLUDED from the price

  • Aircraft tickets
  • Meals: apart from breakfast
  • Single Room Upgrade (extra 200€)
  • Trip cancellation or travel insurance

Join us on a
portfolio day

Let the 101 Workshop to be only the start! After having the basics, join us on a PORTFOLIO DAY - a special time dedicated to gain inspiration and new perspectives! In only 1 day you can expect to have 3 photo shoots in the most incredible scenarios and exquisite models. Build your portfolio and increase your network!


Get Inspired

Photography is a lifelong pursuit. Progress and improvement often take years!

If you are day-dreaming to produce high impact images like the ones below - your time is NOW! 
Join the 101 Equine Photography Crash Course and start your professional photo-journey today!



Before you book, make sure you are fully aware of Lusitano World terms and conditions for this photo-workshop. If you have any doubts get in touch!




This course is tailored to beginners, but more advanced photographers will also find lots of nuggets of information. Best equipment to bring is a DSRL camera and a 70-200mm lens or a mirrorless equivalent - for correctly depicting horses we advise 100mm lenses or over. You will also need a computer with Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop. 



The workshop starts on Thursday, 5th May 2022 - a pickup transfer will pick you at Lisbon Airport at 16.00pm and we will have the introduction class still that afternoon, followed by a welcome dinner. The workshop ends on Sunday, 8th May - the drop off will be at 7.00pm at Lisbon Airport.




To secure your place for this workshop a deposit of 700€ is required. You can pay via bank transfer or PayPal. Once your deposit is paid you will receive an invoice from Lusitano World where you will also find the due date of the final payment.



As we work with horses and in outdoor environment it is possible that we have to deal with some unexpected events: therefore, the location of this workshop may be subject to change and will always be replaced with similar experiences. No refunds will be given in the event of location change.




Lusitano World reserves the right to cancel or postpone this Workshop due to force majeur or if the minimum number of 6 participants can not be reached 1,5 months before the starting date – in this event the reservation fees will be fully paid back to each participant.



Lusitano World reserves the right to substitute the leading photographer, always making sure that the training level and program are not affected. In this event, participants can postpone their subscription or cancel it with a reimbursement of 80% of the reservation fee value.




We strongly recommend each participant to buy travel cancellation insurance for the flights and to have a travel medical health insurance. Participants will be asked to sign a Release and Indemnity Form before the workshop starts. Be prepared for the unexpected and insure your travel investment!



As we are focused on provinding our students with the theoretical knowledge they need to improve their photo-skills and to boost their personal portfolio, we do not allow commercial neither editorial use of the photos taken during the workshop. We have other programs that allow the commertial use of photos, desgined for that specific purpose.


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