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Lusitano World presents: a rainbow of colors

This month Lusitano World brings you a rainbow of rare coat Lusitanos. Finding the perfect horse in that dreamy coat color can be quite a challenge and our team is ready to help you find the most exotic Lusitanos on the market, carefully selected not only for their looks but also great training and talent for a variety of disciplines. We have everything - from diluted colors to ancestral duns and gorgeous blacks!

If you are searching for your perfect match get in touch with our team: we will help and guide you on this search, making the process easier, faster and lighter. Share your goals with our team - we will start the search for your perfect exotic equine partner. Contact us now!


Golden Palomino

Show-Stopper golden Lusitano – great quality in movements, amazing mind, fabulous prospect for competition and breeding.

Pure Black Beauty

Sweet, kind and generous black stallion, perfect leisure horse for low level dressage and hacking. Confirmed piro free.

Blue eyes PSG Cremello

Lovely blue eye cremello Lusitano for an ambitious amateur or starting professional.

Red Dun Lusitano

Rare red dun, characterised by a chestnut-base pigmentation with tanned face and legs and clear primitive markings.

Striking Buckskin

Exquisite piro-free buckskin stallion with good movements, sweet character and great work ethics. Suitable for amateurs.

Exotic Ambar Eye

Schoolmaster with the most amazing amber eyes: he is the perfect partner for working equitation and leisure!

Lusitano World team has the best resources, network and solid experience finding your perfect match.

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