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Piro Free Horses: a needle in the haystack?

In some parts of the world, equine piroplasmosis (EP) is endemic, routine, even commonplace. In Portugal a large percentage of Lusitano horses become infected within their first year of life, while they are being raised in the fields. Piroplasmosis is caused by one of two protozoan parasites: Theileria equi or Babesia caballi, and is transmitted to horses when they are bitten by an infected tick. This disease is subject to regulatory action in parts of the world – so if you are looking to buy a Lusitano Horse and you plan to export outside Europe, understanding this topic is a MUST, because horses that test positive for piroplasmosis antibodies cannot be exported to the majority of countries outside Europe.

How can Lusitano World help?

Lusitano World is especially sensitive to this topic, as our team receives requests from clients all over the world. We decided early on in the development of our horse sales business to proactively create a strategy to provide an easy and quick solution for our international clients – Lusitano World has gathered a significant database of horses already tested negative for piroplamosis and each day we seek more horses. This assures that your horse hunting process will not only be less stressful and more effective, but also that upon finding the perfect equine partner, it is unlikely you will be disappointed during the pre-export blood tests.

Looking for a piroplamosis free Lusitano? Lusitano World can present you with a varied selection of top quality horses that will match the horse of your dreams. Take a closer look at some prospects!


PSG Approved Stallion

Suitable only for experienced riders, this stallion with 1,73m height has incredible and powerful appearance.

Piro Free Schoolmaster

Superb character and fun to ride, this gelding is performing at PSG level and suitable for amateur riders.

Talented Perlino Gelding

A true joy to ride, this talented perlino is a versatile horse to combine leisure and amateur competition.

Eye-catching Lusitano

Measuring 1,67m at withers this gorgeous bay Lusitano stallion can be your next leisure equine partner.

Awarded Stallion

Amazing conformation and exotic coat color, this winner of several medals has an impeccable training.

Baroque Young Stallion

Combining sweet character with free shoulder, flexibility and great balance he is classical dressage prospect.

Lusitano World team has the best resources, network and solid experience finding your perfect piro free match.

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