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Lusitanos in Shades of Grey

This month Lusitano World brings you a “shades of grey” selection of amazing Lusitano horses. Although Lusitanos can be almost any color, the grey gene appears in a big part of the Luso population. Grey horses can be born any color, and lighten as they age. Gray is a dominant gene responsible for the gradual and progressive de-pigmentation (fading) of the carrying horse – this gene slowly removes pigment from the coat. Grey is considered the 'strongest' of all coat modifiers, and acts upon any base-color regardless of the carrying horse's phenotype. The fading process itself may last for years, but once hair is de-pigmented, the horse's original coloring will never return.

Have a look at our fabulous grey Lusitano Horses and don’t hesitate to contact us if you want to learn more about them.


Striking Baroque Type

Absolutely gentle and sweet horse, very easy and comfortable under saddle. Suitable for amateur riders.

Sportive Young Horse

Young stallion starting work under saddle with an exquisite grey color. Good potential for dressage.

Talented Sport Horse

Rhythmical trot and a powerful canter, this young piro free horse is the ideal choice if you desire a talented dressage partner.

Talented young stallion

1.62m young stallion with great and quite typical conformation. An eye-catching horse impossible not to fall in love.

Rubi's Grandson

Remarkable bloodlines - combines baroque conformation with flashy gaits with a lot of knee action and uphill canter.

1,74m Gentle Giant

Super nice horse, already under saddle with great balance in all three gaits. Very easy to ride this true "gentle giant".

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