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Lusitano mares: a top and smart choice

Lusitano mares were for a long time chosen mainly for breeding purposes. However times are changing! Nowadays Lusitano Mares are a top and smart choice not only for breeders, but for all kinds of riders.

Lusitano mares have a special charisma and when they bond with a human they establish a true partnership for life. If you want a new family member, or if you are looking for a top dressage partner - Lusitano Mares should be considered. Top mares on the international stage are already a reality and are changing the minds of many.

Have a look at our top class mares and contact Lusitano World team for extra details!


Incredible Buckskin Mare

Sired by Campeador, she is a fantastic mover with feminine look: a safe bet.

Confirmed pregnant mare

Amazing mover with confirmed gestation from recognized top bloodlines.

Top Dressage Mare

Measuring an impressive 1.80m at withers this mare is a truly top dressage prospect.

Fantastic Ridden Mare

Huge sportive potential - ideal for an experienced rider with competition goals.

Breeding Mare 76,5 points

Fantastic bloodlines, size, great movements and rare color. Great addition to your herd of mares.

Piro Free Ridden Mare

Combining good size and movements – suitable for amateur dressage riders.

Lusitano World team has the best resources, network and solid experience finding your perfect match.

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