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  • 06-15 November 2019
  • Golega & Leiria
  • 3.600
  • 8 riders
  • 06-15 November 2019
  • Golega & Leiria
  • 8 riders
  • 3.600


Did you ever fantasize having the opportunity to experience Golegã Horse Fair from an inside view? Lusitano World team invites you to enjoy the shows and competitions, visit the best equestrian shops and join on a special "Casetas Tour" where you will have the chance to get to know the most emblematic breeders.


Is one of the items on your equine "bucket list" the opportunity to stay in the heart of a centenary stud? We will be lodged at the world renowned Veiga Stud. We will be visiting typical and traditional Lusitano stud farms of renowned breeders, with a tour at Veiga Stud and a special day at Lagoalva, where we will enjoy welcome lunch with wine and olive oil tasting.


After being mesmorized by seeing so many amazing horses at Golega Horse Fair, how could you not wish to ride fabulous Lusitanos and boost your riding skills? We have prepared for you a Riding Clinic at Lusitano World Training Center with a series of 6 riding lessons, combined with a coaching program assisted by video. Analyse your riding videos and fell your learning curve skyrocket!


Be prepared to dive into the Portuguese Culture. You will be introduced to a true gastronomic experience, accompanied by the best wine and our traditional music ‘Fado’, considered the soul of Portuguese music. Discover the legacy and rich cultural heritage of our country by visiting the Portuguese Riding School, the unique collection of the National Coach Museum and historic centers of Golega and Leiria.


Have a closer look at the detailed program of our 'Golega Premium Tour': please take in mind that this program might suffer some changes to adapt to the Golega Horse Fair Program, that is normally definility closed only 15 days before the festivities begin.

  • 6th to 10th



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    Meeting point will be on the 6th - 11am at Lisbon Airport. Our transfer will take you to Lagoalva Stud Farm for a delicious welcome lunch with wine and olive oil tasting, followed by a tour to the stud.

    We will then travel to Golega, were we will be hosted at nothing less than Veiga Stud Farm: it is not everyday you can say you will be sleeping in one of the most famous Lusitano Stud Farms in the world. Have a look at the charming Casas da Piedade.

    The next day our 'Golega Experience' will begin. You will enjoy the most popular days of the fair and savor how it feels like to live Golega Horse Fair in true Portuguese style, becoming a true insider. We will introduce you to the most famous breeders in our 'Casetas Tour', welcome you to the best equestrian shops and guide you on the most spectacular horse night shows and competitions. An experience you will never forget!

  • 11th to 15th



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    After becoming inspired by so many amazing horses and riders, how could you not wish to ride fabulous Lusitanos and boost your riding skills? We have prepared a Riding Clinic at Lusitano World Training Center with a series of 6 riding lessons, combined with a coaching program assisted by video.

    We will combine theoretical sessions with practical riding lessons. With our coaching-assisted video you will have the chance to see yourself riding and analyse the video footage together with a LWTC coach, identifying your strong points; main improvement areas and clarifying doubts you might have had while riding. This important learning technique of self analysis will greatly boost your riding learning curve!

    All videos and coaching instruments will be delivered to each student and by the end of the riding clinic we will set realistic self-development goals for each rider individualy.

Golegã Capital of Lusitano

Every year this sleepy town comes alive for the 'Feira Nacional do Cavalo'. Beginning  in early November, thousands of horses and people gather to party together, in what is considered one of the ultimate equine showcase experiences.

Today the fair, which started in the 18th century,  showcases the best of everything Lusitano: breeding, horse sport, Portuguese food and culture. The Fair provides the perfect snapshot of Portuguese culture: great people, food, culture, history and a zest for life. But above all, it celebrates the one and only, magnificent Lusitano horse, Horse of Kings.

Join Lusitano World for a simply unique experience!


Don’t wait any longer! This program is limited to 8 participants, so you should secure your place now. Get to know what is included in our prices.

3.600€ (VAT included) Book Now


Enroll now in our 9-day program that combines the experience of Golega Horse Fair with a fabulous Riding Intensive with video-assisted coaching. Be prepared for a one-of-a-kind cultural experience where you can immerse yourself in the Portuguese equestrian heritage and boost your riding skills too.

3.000€ (VAT included) Book Now


You can also join this program as an auditor or as a non-riding friend or family member. This package includes all of the Premium Tour Program with exception for the riding lessons. For this package we only accept accommodation in a double room. You can request a budget for cultural activities around Leiria, so that you can enjoy Portugal while the others are riding.

INCLUDED in the price

  • Transportation during program
  • Accommodation in double room
  • Half-Pension (breakfast & lunch)
  • Riding Clinic with 6 riding lessons
  • Coaching assisted by video
  • City tours and Stud Farm visits

EXCLUDED from the price

  • Aircraft Tickets
  • Dinner (average price 15-20€)
  • Single Room Upgrade
  • Extra Nights

All you need to know

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If you still have questions do not hesitate to contact our team.


Meeting point will be on the 6th November, 11am, at Lisbon Airport. Our transfer will take you to Lagoalva Stud Farm for a delicious welcome lunch with wine and olive oil tasting, followed by a tour to the stud. Drop off at Lisbon Airport on the 15th is predicted for 6pm. If your flight is only in the next day we can help you find accomodation for an extra night. If you have any questions about the flights please do not hesitate asking us for help.

You should fly to Lisbon Airport, located 7 km (4.3 mi) from the city center of Lisbon, the capital of Portugal. Keep in mind you can easily travel by subway or taxi from the airport to center city.

November is Autumn season - in Portugal the temperatures tend to vary from 18ºC (64F) during day-time but then can drop to 0ºC (32F) in the night! So keep in mind you should bring a combination of lighter clothes for the day and warm clothing for the night. We advise to have warm sleeping clothes as well for extra comfort, especially in Golega. From our own experience, warm socks and comfortable shoes are a #musthave – particulary for the days we will be at Golegã Horse Fair. You should also include in your luggage some a warm jacket and waterproof clothing in case it is raining.

Official language is English – but it is part of your challenge during the time you will be with Lusitano World team at this tour to learn some Portuguese words and expressions.

After Golega Tour we will be traveling to Lusitano World Training Center, where we challenge our worldwide students to take their riding skills to another level. You can expect a truly warm and genuine work-environment with a team of dedicated coaches that will support you in every step of your learning process.  

Every rider is welcome, regardless of their riding level or experience.

However this program was designed to be of most benefit to riders that are intermediate level and delving deeper into the skill set necessary to enhance their horse and partnership. During the Riding Clinic we will deepen our understanding of the influence of the riders position, seat and balance and its impact on the horse performance. We will work on how to master lateral exercises; begin the approach to flying changes and we will introduce collection exercises, such as piaffe and passage.

While at Lusitano World Training Center for the Riding Clinic, it is mandatory that you use proper riding equipment. We advise you to bring your own equipment so that you are comfortable - breeches, riding boots or chaps, gloves and of course a helmet! 

All your riding lessons will be recorded on video and delivered to you. This proven method allows to increase exponentially your learning opportunities, as you will not only enjoy all the learning process while you are on  horseback, but  you will also have the chance to review it on a video, allowing a deeper self-awareness and understanding of what you need to improve to reach your goals as a rider. 

Curious how it works? In the beginning of your Riding Intensive you will be invited to do your self-assessment. Each day you will have the chance to review the theory before riding; put it into practice during your riding lesson and then review your lesson on a video together with one of our coaches. By the end of your Riding Intensive you will submit a final-evaluation and define a working plan for you to clarify your goals and the next steps to develop yourself as a rider.

«Self Evaluation directs us to prepare our next performance by reviewing and understanding the past and today's experiences».


Sometimes an image is better 1000 words.
Check out some of the moments from our previous programs at Golegã Horse Fair. We wait for you!


Get to know who will welcome and accompany you on this incredible adventure.

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