Lusitano World is the doorway to the Lusitano breed and Portuguese equestrian culture. Combining the power of image, a strong network and a multidisciplinary team, we are the ideal partner you should contact to find your dream horse; to get to know the most renowned Lusitano Studs; and, of course, to have the best photos, videos and marketing strategy to promote your equestrian business.

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Lusitano World has a selection of more than 150 Lusitanos for sale, all of them carefully tested and selected by our team and associated riders. We invite you to have a closer look at our horses and to ask us for more information about our top choices.

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Image Services

Want to create unforgettable memories with your equine partner? To promote your career as a professional rider? Or to develop an integrated marketing and communication strategy to boost your equestrian business? Lusitano World is the one partner to call! Our image advisors will not only deliver you the best promotional materials, but also develop unique products with your preferences and individual goals in mind.


Exclusivity framed in time: whether you want to book a private photo session of you and your horse; to promote your horse for sale; to buy photos from our database or to develop your photography skills, Lusitano World team can provide it.

  • Photo Sessions
  • Buying Photos
  • Learning Photography


Preparing an add for a magazine? Want to develop a flyer or brochure? To launch or renew your website? Take in mind that image speaks louder than words: challenge our team to create fabulous products with awesome design that will speak straight to your client.

  • Graphic Design
  • Web Design
  • Printing Service


LW helps you to create a powerful brand that leaves no one indifferent. Understand how to become the first choice of your clients, develop an integrated communication and marketing strategy and use the right communication channels.

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Client says

If it matters to you, it matters to us.
Lusitano World - a brand trusted worldwide.

Francisco Beja

Communication for Alter Stud

"Lusitano World approaches equestrian image and communication with enormous sensibility and maturity. Their professionalism, dedication and attentive client-support, produce amazing results."

Sarone du Toit

Lusitano Owner

"The advice and support from LW has always been objective, up front and honest - they present you with all the available options, give their input and leave you to make the decisions without any pressure."

Christine Jacoberger

Image for Team Rubi AR

"Lusitano World can offer their clients a complete and integrated image & marketing service, from artistic photography to a press release. A very dedicated and professional team."

Diogo Lima Mayer

Photo Session at Monte Velho Stud

"I trust the image work provided by LW: great professionalism, attention to detail and an artistic approach - all fundamental to position our animals in the level of excellency that is our Stud's prerogative."