Small investments can lead to great results. By creating a professional advertisement product with our team and promoting it worldwide through Lusitano World network, the process of selling your horse will become faster and much more effective.


Photography is the best starting point instrument to promote your horse. For LW’s photographers every photo session is an individual process with a specific approach. When doing your horse profile for selling, we will reveal the best features of each animal, capturing his most attractive angles in conformation shots, portraits and movements in liberty or under saddle.


Video is an essential tool for a buyer - it is often after seeing the video that clients travel to visit and test a horse. Because LW’s videographers combine video skills and equestrian knowledge, our team develops great advertisement videoclips that presents correctelly the horse’s movements, training level and future potential.


Promoting with Lusitano World means not only to have the best advertising materials but also to have access to a worldwide network of buyers and breeders. Through our deep understanding of international clients’ needs and demands, our team can advise you and develop the best commercial strategy to sell your horse.

Examples of our Work

Still having doubts about why to promote your horse with Lusitano World? Check out some of our work!

Start Promoting your Horse

We are the right partners to develop your horses’ professional advertisement and to promote it worldwide. Check our basic prices below and contact us to ask a budget according to your individual needs.

Basic Package

  • 1 horse
  • Profile Photos & Video Clip
  • Exclusive promotion with LW

The basic package will allow you to have a simple marketing package of 1 horse for sale; materials can only be used for promotion within Lusitano World Channels.

Triplet Package

  • 3 horses
  • Profile Photos & Video Clip
  • Non-exclusive promotion with LW

The multi package allows you to develop in one go several horse profile for a more attractive price. These horses will not only be promoted in Lusitano World network but also in any other channel of your preference.