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Video is an essential tool for a buyer - it is often after seeing the video that a potential client makes its decision to book a trip to Portugal to visit and test the horse. Lusitano World videographers combine video skills and equestrian knowledge: Our team develops great advertisement videoclips that presents correctly and truthfully the horse’s movements, training level and future potential.


Photography is a fantastic instrument to pick the buyers attention towards your horse. Lusitano World photographers develop every photo session as an individual process with a specific approach. When creating your horse photo profile, we will reveal the best features of each animal, capturing his most attractive angles in conformation shots, portraits and movements in liberty or under saddle.


Promoting with Lusitano World means not only to have fabulous advertising materials, but mostly to be connected to a worldwide network of buyers, breeders and reputable international promoters. We know the buyers’ needs and demands and will advise you on the best approach to successfully sell your horse. Our goal is not about a quick sale, but to create long relationships between horse and rider.


Lusitano World team will lead you through all steps of the sales of your horse. From vet check, purchase contract, legal documents, transportation or any other issue involved with the horse selling, we will guide you through the process, assuring the quality standards and making it easier for both seller and buyer. We also offer a convenient after sale services, leaving our clients free from any concerns.


Promoting a horse with Lusitano World includes a visit from our team to get to know your horse and to develop the marketing materials: video; photos or a combination of both, depending on the promotion pack you bought. These materials will be shared with you and will be online in Lusitano World’s promotion channels for the period of 1 year. You can expect to find your horse at our Website, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. Lusitano World team will actively promote your horse not only in our social media, but also suggesting your horse to potential buyers.

Lusitano horses are the highlight and main focus of our work. Yet, we also promote Portuguese Sport Horses, that are facing a growing interest by the international community for equestrian sports. You can also find in our selection of horses for sale some cross-breed and Lusitanos that are not officially registered in the studbook – AKA Lusitanos with no papers. Recently we started to include some PRE / Spanish horses in the selection of horses we offer for sale – yet, this is not our main focus.

Lusitano World only promotes horses we know and assessed personally. Our focus and main goal are to maintain a high standard quality in the marketing materials we present to our clients, so we do not allow to submit photos or videos that are not developed by our team of associated photographers and videographers. This requisite also allows us to spend more time with the horses we promote and get to know them better.

The advertise of your horse will remain online for 1 year. After this period of time we can either update the photos and/or videos or cancel the advertise of your horse. We highly recommend not to have online videos of your horse that no longer correspond to the current training status – and this is the reason why we limit the advertise period to 1 year.

Yes, we organize promotion campaigns and you can subscribe it. Once you decide to promote your horse with Lusitano World we will send you a short contract that explains in detail the service we offer – including our promotional campaigns. You can pay extra for a paid advertise promotion on social media or to be represented in our horses for sale monthly newsletter. Special sporadic campaigns or promotion projects will be always communicated by email to all horse owners who work with us.

The first step to sell your horse is to have good video and photos to attracts buyer’s attention. This is basically what you are paying when you hire Lusitano World to promote your horse. However, selling a horse involves much more – so if Lusitano World mediates successfully the sales of your horse you will paid this service through a success fee – normally a 10% commission on the horse selling price.

If you sell your horse without the direct intervention and mediation of Lusitano World, then you don’t have to pay anything else. The sales commission is paid for the service of successfully selling your horse, and to compensate the time and work that happens behind the scenes including building network and organizing the whole sales process for our clients from beginning to end.

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Promote your horse through video

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  • Horse video production
  • Website Promotion
  • Social Media Promotion
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Promote your horse with photos & video

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  • Horse Video
  • Horse Photos
  • Website Promotion
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