Lusitano Horse Show 2021 outcomes & highlights

Sep 27, 2021
Photos & Text: Lusitano World

The outcome and highlights on the FIPSL 2021


The most awaited event of the Lusitano breed came back in full splendor! We followed every second and we loved it!

APSL made a strong bet on renewing the show format and display – and it absolutely paid off! The introduction of a new plan of the social areas at Hipodromo Manuel Possolo made, in our opinion, a huge difference – promoting the proximity of the audience, this new approach and layout granted the highest number of visitors registered since the 90’s. A beautiful human frame gathered to cheer their common passion: the Lusitano!

To follow this change, the number of horses on the show was also one of its’ greatest highlights – 107 high quality Lusitanos stepped on the green grass of ‘Possolo’! It was a delight to see the high attendance of breeders, not only renowned and acknowledged ones but also upcoming breeding projects who presented great quality products. Everyone contributed for a terrific Lusitano parade that proved the breed keeps on evolving and growing.


This year, APSL also introduced a new awarding system. The ultimate title of ‘Champion of Champions’ was not disputed! Instead, four new titles were created, separating the classes not only in sex but also in their presentation format. The brand-new awards applied are: ‘Female Champion in Hand’, ‘Ridden Female Champion’, ‘Male Champion in Hand’, and ‘Ridden Male Champion’. Only the 1st places of each class with gold medals can dispute these Champion titles - in case there are no gold medals, the title is not awarded! Let’s review each class in detail?



1YO fillies: In a highly disputed class, Querida (Zaire x Ursula) bred by Leonardo Franco, impressed the audience with her gorgeous looks and dimension, wrapping up the first place with a gold medal.

2YO fillies: Pérola do Luar (Jiu-Jitsu x Ingrid) bred by Coudelaria do Luar stood out from the other 12 contestants and conquered the gold on her class.

3YO fillies: Oliva (Zaire x Azeitona) bred by Leonardo Franco was the ultimate winner of the first day of the Festival – she combined the 1st place on her class with the award of ‘Female Champion in Hand’. A mare with incredible class, that reminded us a lot of her dam, the multi-awarded mare Azeitona.



1YO foals: On a highly disputed class, 16 stunning colts did their best to impress the judges. Their task was not easy, with 3 out of the 4 qualified foals being awarded with gold medals. Quazar das Faias (Indigo x Favorita) bred by Coudelaria Luís Bastos stole the show and took home not only the gold medal but also the ‘Male Champion in Hand’ title.

2YO foals: The winner of the class was Poema (Escorial x Xaquira) from the breeder Coudelaria Abbatiale, ranking first place but awarded with a silver medal.

3YO foals: The gold medalist of this class made sure to spice up the ring with his expressiveness! Orion (Escorial x Bacarena) bred by João Cláudio Oliveira ended on the first place and made sure to cause an impression.



Ridden females’ class: The first place with silver medal went to Missanga (Rubi x Evita) bred by Félix da Costa Stud. As the class winner did not receive the golden medal, the ‘Ridden Female Champion’ award was not disputed this year.

4YO Ridden males’ class: In a class with 14 contestants, we could see some of best Lusitano promises under saddle. 3 out of the 4 places of the rank were awarded with gold medals. Neptuno das Faias (Escorial x Feeling) bred by Coudelaria Luís Bastos, conquered the first place, granting his place on the run for ‘Ridden Male Champion’.

5YO Ridden males’ class: ‘Quality’ is the word that better describes this tremendously disputed class. The 4 horses selected for the final ranking were awarded gold medals. Lord Plus was the chosen one to occupy the 1st place of his class’s podium. To this title, Lord Plus summed up the title of ‘Ridden Male Champion’! This title was decided on a close dispute with Neptuno das Faias, with the difference of only 1 point: 4 judges voted for Lord Plus and 3 for Neptuno das Faias!



Dressage Plus took home not only the title of ‘Ridden Male Champion’, but they were also distinguished with the title of ‘Best Breeder’! This was a very close face-off with Coudelaria Leonardo Franco, with the final verdict being decided by 1 point difference.


The absence of the ‘Champion of Champions’ award was one of the most polemic decisions this year, as Lusitano lovers can’t seem to find a common ground on this topic.

To assure a more homogenic evaluation of all the animals in the different classes, APSL scrapped the highest title, which means that there was no decision to which horse was the best in show. Comparing animals presented in hand with animals under saddle can be indeed an interesting challenge… Not to talk about their age difference! However, should these differences put aside the ‘Champion of Champions’ title?

From where we stand, we missed this traditional and emblematic title, as this is the ultimate acknowledgement for Model and Gaits competitions and the award every breeder aims for! On the other hand… Does the gender make a difference in comparing horses? Why not give it a different spin and compare males/females and award a ‘Champion of Champions in Hand’ and ‘Ridden Champion of Champions’? Something to carefully reflect about!


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