Photo Tour - from Roots to Present


  • 10-14 September 2024
  • Portugal
  • 2.750€
  • 12 places
  • 10-14 September 2024
  • Portugal
  • 12 places
  • 2.750€

From the roots to the present - The Lusitano Horse Unveiled!

Welcome to a photo tour like no other – a journey deep into the heart of the captivating culture of the Lusitano horse! From its ancient origins to its present-day prominence, we invite you to join us on an adventure that unravels the rich history of this globally renowned and fascinating breed.

Our adventure takes us to the very birthplaces of the Lusitano, exploring the iconic studs that define its legacy – the esteemed Veiga, the historic Alter Real, the revered Coimbra, where we'll have the chance to photograph the latest Golega Champion of Champions and Ortigao Costa stud - the home of the most famous black Lusitanos. These breeders are the roots of the Lusitano's story, and we'll delve into their tales, witnessing the evolution of breeding practices over centuries that transformed the Lusitano into a global equestrian icon.

As we travel across Portugal, be prepared to be mesmerized by an array of photo opportunities that capture the essence of Lusitano life. Frame the grace and beauty of herds of mares in their natural habitat, marvel at the architectural wonders of the studs, and feel the spirit of liberty as horses play and perform acrobatics for your camera. Immerse yourself in the world of stunning stallions, playful youngsters, and the regal presence of ridden horses, adorned not only in traditional attire but also in the elegance of dressage outfits. Our photo journey wouldn't be complete without a visit to the renowned Portuguese Riding School, an emblematic symbol of Lusitano excellence. To end in great style, get ready to document the prowess of the working equitation Lusitanos!

Join us for a tour that will take you through centuries, from the roots to the present! It's more than a photographic opportunity – it's a cultural immersion into the heart of the Lusitano breed! Get your camera ready for an experience that transcends time, celebrating the beauty, grace, and versatility of these magnificent horses.

Image Description

Ekaterina Druz

Leading Photographer

This tour is a collaboration with the globally renowned Ekaterina Druz, a seasoned equine photographer with over 15 years of experience! Currently residing in Portugal, she has joined forces with Lusitano World to narrate the history of the Lusitano breed through her lens! Her longstanding connection with the Lusitanos adds a special touch, and she's thrilled to have you join this tour that delves into the evolution of the breed from its roots to the present.

In Katya's words "Lusitano horses embody one of the world's most rich and glorious tales, and I am perpetually mesmerized by it. The beauty of these baroque horses, set against the diverse landscapes and cultural heritage of Portugal, offers us photographers immense inspiration and endless possibilities for creating stunning images – and I am thrilled to share this experience with you! This tour will take you through the centuries, guiding you to the most emblematic places in the history of Lusitanos – from the foundation of the breed to the stars of modern times. Every location we have chosen for this tour possesses its own unique beauty – from old stables with arches and rolling hills with herds of horses among cork trees to traditional mansions and cobblestone streets. Each setting will serve as a stunning backdrop for capturing outstanding horses and renowned riders. Join us on this special tour where you will not only capture beautiful images but also feel a deeper connection to the Lusitano breed and the culture that surrounds them!"

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The basic price of the tour doesn't include a commercial use license for photos. While you can use the photos for your own portfolio, you are not entitled to sell them. If selling the photos is your goal, you should subscribe to this supplement. It will provide you with all the necessary legal documents, including model and property right releases, to avoid any restrictions on use.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Whether you're a seasoned professional or an amateur enthusiast, this tour is designed to provide a cultural experience while capturing stunning images in iconic locations. While the tour doesn't include a theoretical component, Katya Druz will guide you step by step in all photo sessions, and we'll also have time to get together for editing sessions.

For a more efficient learning curve, you might want to book a package of 1:1 online coaching and tutorials that you can complete before and after the tour. This will ensure the best preparation and yield the most incredible photo results from this amazing trip. If you're interested in this option, please let us know.

The ideal equipment to bring is a DSLR camera with a 70-200mm lens or a mirrorless equivalent. If you have other lenses, feel free to bring them along as well. For accurately capturing the details of horses, we recommend 100mm lenses or longer. Additionally, you will need a computer with Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop installed for the editing masterclass and sessions.

Please ensure your camera gear is in good condition and ready for a variety of shooting situations during our photo tour. Make sure to bring as many spare batteries and memory cards as you can – you'll need them to ensure you never miss a click!

The tour kicks off on Tuesday 10th September 2024. A pickup transfer will collect you from Lisbon Airport at 10:00 am, and we'll head to our first location in the morning, where a welcome lunch awaits. The workshop concludes on Saturday, 14th September, with a drop-off at Lisbon Airport by 7:00 pm. If you have an overseas flight, we recommend arriving/departuring the day before/after – we can assist you in booking an extra night if needed. As we'll be photographing across Portugal, please be prepared for traveling from place to place.

This tour grants you personal use of the photos, allowing for portfolios, social media, and exhibitions without selling prints. However, photos may not be used for commercial or editorial purposes. If selling the photos aligns with your goal, consider subscribing to this supplement. It will provide you with all the necessary legal documents, including model and property right releases, to avoid any restrictions on use.

September is one of the best seasons to visit Portugal. The hot summer is cooling down, and you can expect plenty of sun with temperatures ranging from 12ºC (53F) at night to 30ºC (86F) during sunny days. It's important to keep in mind that, as we cannot predict the weather, we will proceed with the tour plan and photography sessions regardless of the conditions.

Yes, absolutely! Enjoy the peace of mind and comfort that a good travel insurance plan offers, saving yourself from the potential hassles and expenses of unexpected illness, injury, or travel delays. Trip cancellation insurance or any other travel insurances are NOT included in the tour price, so we always recommend our clients to be prepared for the unexpected and insure their travel investment. If you need help with this topic, just let us know. Worry less, travel more!

Get Inspired

Let this photo tour inspire you, allowing your lens to unveil the Lusitano in all its glory!
A journey through time, capturing the roots and the vibrant present of this remarkable breed.



Before you book, make sure you are fully aware of Lusitano World's terms and conditions for this photo tour. If you have any doubts, get in touch!




This photo tour is suitable for photographers of all levels. The best equipment to bring is a DSLR or mirrorless camera and a 70-200mm lens. For accurately capturing horses, we recommend 100mm lenses or longer. A telephoto zoom lens will be handy for the Garranos expedition! If you plan to edit during the tour, be sure to bring a computer with your usual editing programs. 



The tour kicks off on Tuesday, 10th September 2024. A pickup transfer will collect you from Lisbon Airport at 10:00 am, and we'll head to our first location in the morning, where a welcome lunch awaits. The workshop concludes on Saturday, 14th September, with a drop-off at Lisbon Airport by 7:00 pm. A detailed itinerary for the tour will be shared with participants via email 10 days before the event starts.




To secure your spot for this photo tour, a deposit of 1,000€ is required, payable via bank transfer. Our team will request your invoice details. The final payment and invoice will be sent to each participant 10 days before the tour begins. 



As we work with horses in an outdoor environment, it is possible that we may have to deal with some unexpected events. Therefore, the specific photo-shoot locations of this tour may be subject to change. No refunds will be given in the event of a location change.




Lusitano World reserves the right to cancel or postpone this Photo-Tour due to force majeure or if the minimum number of 6 participants cannot be reached 2 months before the starting date. In this event, the reservation fees will be fully refunded to each participant or can be transferred to the new dates or another photo program during 2024.



Lusitano World reserves the right to substitute the invited leading photographer due to force majeure, always ensuring that the program is not affected. No refunds will be given in the event of a replacement of the invited photographer.




We strongly recommend that each participant purchases travel cancellation insurance for flights and ensures they have travel medical health insurance. Participants will be required to sign a 'Release and Indemnity Form' before the tour starts. Be prepared – always insure your travel investment!



All photos taken during this tour can be used for your portfolio, website, social media, and private use. You can be granted all the legal documents to own the commercial rights of all photo sessions if you subscribe to the 'License for Commercial Use of Photos'. 


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