What's on the agenda? 2024 Calendar for the Lusitano Breed in Portugal

Jan 24, 2024
Photos & Text: Lusitano World

A Peek into the 2024 Calendar for the Lusitano Breed in Portugal

Ready to explore the Lusitano Equestrian scene in Portugal in 2024? We can expect a lineup of standout events: from stallion gatherings to prestigious fairs and festivals, the calendar is packed with noteworthy experiences. Lusitano World is your go-to source for a quick roundup of the events for the next 12 months that are specially dedicated to the Lusitano Horse. Mark your calendar and dive into the world of Lusitano horses!


I Salão do Cavalo Lusitano [25th - 28th January]

The equestrian competition scene in Portugal for the Lusitano breed kicks off with a bang at the much-anticipated 'I Lusitano Horse Exhibition,' hosted by Sociedade Hípica Portuguesa from January 25th to 28th. This year brings a fresh approach, making the approval process for Lusitano stallions a breeze by condensing all approvals into one single annual event. APSL's innovative move not only screams efficiency but also turns approvals into a dazzling showcase of the year's most promising stallions.

This event is a must for breeders, owners, riders, investors and all horse enthusiasts. It's a golden ticket to witness the crème de la crème of Lusitano sires for 2024. Conveniently located in the heart of Lisbon, just a 5-minute ride from Lisbon airport, attendees can also look forward to equestrian competitions across various disciplines and shows throughout the weekend. 


Trofa Fair [1st – 3rd March]

March brings a must-go event to the North region of Portugal – the Trofa Fair from the 1st to the 3rd. This event it's an inclusive showcase of Lusitanos, offering a blend of equestrian excellence and local cultural flair. Set against the backdrop of a broader agricultural fair, Trofa Fair stands out with its unique mix of horses, handcrafts, gastronomy and innovative farming solutions. Exciting competitions in Dressage and Working Equitation will take place, with the Model and Gaits competition stealing the spotlight. Expect a premium show featuring numerous competitors across all classes – a perfect chance to discover the top breeders in the North region of Portugal.


Alter Real Stud Annual Auction [24th April]

April is gearing up for the highly anticipated Annual Auction at the iconic Alter Real Stud on the 24th. This event is more than just an auction; it's a tribute to the Lusitano legacy deeply ingrained in this centenary Stud.

Witness the excitement of bidding as horses from Alter Real and Coudelaria Nacional gracefully step into the ring, seeking new homes. The auction boasts a unique ambiance, complemented by dressage presentations and a show by the Portuguese School of Equestrian Art, exclusively featuring horses from Alter Real stud. It's an event worth noting, showcasing a blend of tradition and equestrian finesse.


ExpoÉgua [May -precise dates not yet defined]

May brings the glamorous ExpoÉgua, a notable mare-dedicated fair in Golegã. It's all about showcasing the feminine elegance and excellence in Lusitano breeding, with mares and fillies taking the stage in Model and Gaits competitions.

Attendees can look forward to a display of top-notch mares as breeders present their finest animals. The village of Golegã adds to the charm with night concerts and equestrian competitions during the weekend. It's a laid-back yet delightful ambiance that you can only find in this special village. If you're into horses and a relaxed vibe, ExpoÉgua in Golegã is definitely worth checking out.


International Lusitano Festival [28th - 30th June]

As summer unfolds, gear up for the International Lusitano Festival at Hipódromo Manuel Possolo from the 28th to the 30th of June. This globally acclaimed event steals the spotlight, drawing Lusitano enthusiasts from all corners of the world. 

The competition is intense as the best of the best vie for supremacy in their respective classes, all with the ultimate dream of being crowned the Champion of Champions. Experience a lively atmosphere celebrating the Lusitano breed against the stunning backdrop of Cascais, where renowned breeders and newcomers alike unite, contributing to a fantastic Lusitano parade. The night shows are also a delight, showcasing the finest traits of the Lusitano breed. Year after year, the festival reveals the breed's evolution and growth, making it a must-see for both seasoned horse enthusiasts and newcomers!


Ponte de Lima Horse Fair [4th-7th July]

In early July, the captivating old town of Ponte de Lima steals the spotlight with its Horse Fair, creating a perfect blend of Lusitano beauty against the breathtaking natural backdrop of the North. For horse enthusiasts, it's a week filled with excitement, featuring a packed schedule of equestrian competitions, cultural events and an inviting atmosphere that lingers through the warm summer nights.

Don't miss the Dressage and Working Equitation competitions, hosting some of the most significant events on the National Calendar. The evening equestrian shows are a true delight for spectators, and the lively casetas hall brings together old friends and creates a unique environment to foster new relationships among horse lovers from around the world.

The undeniable highlights are the Model and Gaits competitions, showcasing a premium selection of Lusitanos spanning various ages. The pinnacle of the event is the thrilling title dispute for the coveted 'Champion of Champions' award. It's an occasion that beautifully captures the allure of Lusitano horses in a picturesque setting, making the Ponte de Lima Horse Fair a must-visit for horse lovers.


Golegã Horse Fair [1st -11th November]

In November, the equestrian world reaches its grand finale with the renowned Golegã Horse Fair. From November 8th to 16th, the picturesque village of Golegã undergoes a magical transformation into a haven for horse lovers. It's not just an event; it's an unparalleled experience featuring mesmerizing equestrian shows and a vibrant fair that stands as a symbol of Portuguese equestrian heritage worldwide. For Lusitano enthusiasts, this is an absolute must-attend – no further introductions needed!

In 2024, Portugal's equestrian scene is set to captivate crowds, showcasing the magnificent Lusitano breed and perpetuating a legacy that unites people globally. Save these dates on your calendar and get ready for a year filled with excitement and healthy competitions! These events and competitions serve as the barometer that ignites the competition bug in us, pushing us to be better each year and propelling the Lusitano breed to unparalleled quality levels.

Now that you have the lowdown on all the must-attend Lusitano events for 2024, how about we meet there? It's bound to be an unforgettable year!



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