Nov 11, 2022
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Slowly getting back to the routine after another edition of Golegã Horse Fair! The Model & Gaits Competition is a an absolute 'must-see' for Lusitano lovers – here we can find the most reputable breeders competing their best horses and showcasing their breeding projects.

The horses are divided into three classes accordingly to their ages: ‘3YO horses’ are presented in hand while the ‘4YO horses’ and ‘5YO or older’ shown under saddle. The judges carefully evaluate each horse's morphology and movements: the grading system assesses the proximity to the "ideal" prototype of the breed. The grand finale is disputed by the winners of each class if they have also been awarded with gold medal. The best in the show is granted the title of Champion of Champions!

This year the contest gathered a total of 50 Lusitano stallions. Let's fill you in on the outcomes of each class?

3YO class

With 14 animals competing, there were no golden medals attributed on the class. However, the four animals of the podium were awarded silver medals. The winner was Profeta Plus (Jasmim Plus * Gazela Plus) bred by Dressage Plus. Profeta Plus had already competed at this year's Lusitano Horse Show and came home with a third place. Now at Golegã this young stallion made sure to sparkle it up with his tremendous beauty, powerful gaits and charisma. The second place was attributed to the golden boy Profeta de Cabeção (Imperador de Cabeção * Libra) bred by António Lopes Aleixo; Poema (Escorial * Xaquira) bred by Coudelaria Abbatial grabbed the third place on the rank and Príncipe do Zé (Riopele * Gina do Zé) bred by José Alves came up in forth.

4YO class

On this highly disputed class with 23 promising young stallions, Odin Comando SN (Escorial * Hervilha Com SN) snapped up the first place with gold medal. Under the saddle of Mário Freire the duo stood out by their superb elegance and flawless presentation. Odin is not only a remarkable model of the breed, but also a fantastic mover that one can easily picture shining on the ring in the near future. The second and third places were both awarded silver medals: the runner up was the stunning Oriente da Broa (Varão da Broa * Irritada da Broa) bred by Manuel Tavares Veiga; stepping on the third place of the rank we had Oeste d'Atela (Escorial * Guhapa d'Atela) bred by Francisco Bessa de Carvalho.

5YO or more class

This class was, for sure, the most competitive of this year’s Fair with 4 gold medals distributed. Neptuno das Faias (Escorial * Feeling) made sure to 'wow' the crowd alongside his rider Ricardo Vinhas Reis. This duo was also this year's winner of the 4YO ridden class at the Lusitano Horse Show - back in Cascais, Neptuno was on a close dispute for the 'Ridden Male Champion' title. Now at Golegã Horse Fair Neptuno stepped up his game and made sure to grab his awards! The second place, also with gold, went to Nilo das Arcas (Ulisses * Bandarilha) bred by Dr. Manuel Maia Correia. In third with gold medal came Lord Plus (Escorial * Elite Plus) bred by Dressage Plus followed by Marfim do Penedo (Vicoso da Broa * Destinada do Penedo) bred by Resina Antunes.

Champion of Champions Title

The most prestigious award of the contest was disputed between the two class winners with gold medals - Neptuno das Faias and Odin Comando SN. The two sterling Lusos gave their best at their face-off! Neptuno das Faias was considered by the unanimity of the judges the best in show and made sure to grab the ‘Champion of Champions’ title!


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