Nov 14, 2023
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Slowly easing back into our routines after soaking up the magic of another Golegã Horse Fair! For all you Lusitano enthusiasts out there, the Model & Gaits Competition is an absolute 'must-see'— this year, it didn't disappoint. It was a spectacle like no other! The arena came alive with a parade of the finest Lusitano horses, as top breeders presented their best horses. Lusitano World Team not only enjoyed prime seats, capturing every moment on video, but is also eager to share all the exciting highlights from the event with you! Ready for the ride? Let's dive in!


Impressive Turnout with 47 Horses Competing

This year's Model and Gaits contest saw a remarkable participation of 47 Lusitano stallions, categorized, as usual, into three classes: 3-year-old males, 4-year-old males and males aged 5 years or more. The gold medalists of each class got the opportunity to run for the ‘Champion of Champions’ title of this year’s Fair. We will guide you through each class in detail!

3YO class

This exclusive class, where young horses are presented in hand, is always a thrilling spectacle. It provides a platform for these rising stars to flaunt their beautiful conformation, natural gaits, and unleash their power and playfulness.

With 15 remarkable contenders, the prestigious first place and gold medal were rightfully claimed by the magnificent Quorcel das Lezírias (Coronel AR * Hiara das Lezírias), bred by Companhia das Lezírias. Presented by the experienced José Miguel Vinagre, this exceptional young talent captivated the audience with his quality of movements, innate class, and charisma.

Not to be outshone, Querosene Dressage Top (Rubi AR * Holatina), bred by Dressage Top, seized the spotlight and secured a well-deserved second place with a gold medal, leaving a lasting impression on all who witnessed the competition. A seasoned medalist in Model & Gaits, Querosene consistently dazzles with his flashy gaits and exquisite conformation, remaining loyal to the breed's standards.

The third spot on the podium, accompanied by a silver medal, was claimed by Qatar do Penedo (Idolo * Venia), bred by Coudelaria Resina Antunes.

4YO class

In this fiercely competitive class, 14 exceptional Lusitano models commanded the spotlight, setting the crowd ablaze with enthusiasm! Poderoso Plus (Rubi AR * Iris Plus), bred by Dressage Plus, rose to the occasion, securing the prestigious first place and the gold medal. Piloted by the skilled João Castelão, this impressive duo truly shone! Poderoso Plus stands as a stunning Lusitano model with tremendous sports potential, seamlessly combining the best of both worlds.

The runner-up position was claimed by Poderoso Dressage Top (Equador * Ambar Mor), an impressive young stallion bred by Dressage Top. Presented with mastery by the experienced Vasco Mira Godinho, this dynamic pair paraded through the ring, exuding power and flashiness, ultimately taking home the gold.

Securing the third spot was Poison (Altivo * Calvina), bred by Coudelaria Carvalho Matos. Piloted by João Graça, the duo, having already triumphed in their class at this year's Lusitano International Show, continued to charm the public with their elegance, class, and flawless presentation.

5YO or more class

In what was unquestionably the most homogenous class of this year’s Fair, the anticipation was palpable as the croud awaited the final placements with bated breath!

Ofensor (Habil da Broa * Princesa), bred by Manuel Assunção Coimbra, stole the spotlight, dazzling both the audience and judges. Partnered with the talented rider João Graça, they claimed the podium with finesse, securing the gold. Their stellar presentation left spectators in awe, a testament to a pair that consistently delivers with finesse and class.

The second-place position, marked by a well-deserved gold medal, was clinched by Nório (Rouxinol * Sisuda), bred by João Pedro Rodrigues. Their performance exemplified evident sports quality, showcasing the perfect blend of typicity and world-class paces.

Stepping onto the third tier of the class with a silver medal was Luxuoso (Xerxes * Alera), bred by Fernando Pinho. Under the skilled guidance of Daniela Cruz, this horse exhibited tremendous beauty and expressive movements—an exquisite display of elegance!

Ofensor Triumphs: A Champion of Champions from Manuel Coimbra Stud

Ofensor was crowned the best horse in the show, earning the prestigious title of ‘Champion of Champions’ at the Golega Horse Fair 2023! The title was bestowed after a hard-fought parade, uniting all the horses that had achieved gold medals in their respective classes. Quorcel das Lezírias, Poderoso Plus and Ofensor showcased their prowess in the ring, competing for the coveted title.

‘Exhilaration’ aptly describes this day! More than a display of Lusitano horses, this competition serves as a true showcase of the breed’s future stars, offering a sneak peek into what awaits in the rings next year. Well-contested classes, top-quality horses, and flawless presentations were the standout features of the day. We extend our heartfelt congratulations to all breeders, riders, and owners – your dedication fuels our pride and passion for the Lusitano breed!


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