Golegã Horse Fair 2023: a sneak peek into what's coming!

Oct 30, 2023
Text: Lusitano World


Every November, the charming town of Golegã undergoes a remarkable transformation into an equestrian wonderland as it proudly hosts one of the most prestigious Lusitano Horse fairs on a global scale. The Golegã Horse Fair stands as a truly unique event, uniting horse enthusiasts, riders, and spectators from every corner of the world, all converging to celebrate their unwavering passion for the Lusitano horse.

From the 3rd to the 12th of November, the quaint village of Golegã will come alive with vibrant festivities centered around the Lusitano Horse, stealing the spotlight. It's time to prepare for an experience like no other! Today, we're here to help you get ready for the most awaited time of the Portuguese equestrian calendar. Whether you're a returning visitor or a first-timer, here's what you can look forward to at this year's edition of the event:


The fair's beating heart is our cherished Lusitano horse and you're in for a treat as breeders and riders come together to present their most exquisite equine companions. Prepare to witness magnificent horses, ranging from rising stars, to top-quality breeding stallions, world-class dressage athletes! Maybe you will meet here the riding partner you've always dreamed of. It's the ultimate Lusitano showcase where you can experience the very best of these remarkable equines!



But the fair isn't merely a visual delight; it also serves as the stage for a series of pivotal competitions on the Portuguese Equestrian calendar. From the elegance of dressage to the thrills of show jumping, the finesse of carriage driving, and the dynamic world of working equitation, these equestrian showdowns take the spotlight. Here, skilled riders and their equine counterparts demonstrate their prowess, delivering performances that are bound to leave you in awe. It's a display of equestrian excellence like no other!


Beyond the equestrian events, the fair unveils a bustling marketplace teeming with numerous trade stands. Here, you can explore a diverse array of equestrian products, ranging from traditional Portuguese saddles to custom-tailored riding boots. In addition, you'll discover equine art and literature proudly on display, alongside an array of Portuguese crafts. It's a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of Portugal's equestrian culture.



But the Golegã Horse Fair doesn't call it a day when the sun sets. As dusk falls, the town springs to life with a vibrant nightlife atmosphere. The streets come alive with the sounds of music, the presence of horses, and the laughter of dear friends. Delight in the flavors of delicious Portuguese cuisine, which serves as the backdrop for an unforgettable evening filled with great company and cherished memories. It's a night to remember!

What's on the Agenda?

Get ready for a packed schedule at this year's fair! The Model and Gaits competition, a crowd favorite, is back with the finest Lusitano horses on display. Mark your calendars for the 9th of November, starting at 10 am. And that's not all - the Fair promises a diverse array of equestrian contests, including the Working Equitation National Cup and Dressage CDE at Hippos Golegã. For all the details, check out the official program HERE.

The countdown has begun, and we can't wait to meet you there! Lusitano World wouldn't miss it for the world. We'll be at the Golegã Horse Fair, bringing you the latest updates and maybe even helping you find your dream Lusitano. The excitement is building, and we're thrilled to meet you all in person! So, for now, hold your horses – Golegã, here we come!


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