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Feb 05, 2024
Photos: Carlos Hernani · Text: Lusitano World

It has been one week since we attended the inaugural Lusitano Horse Exhibition, organized by APSL, held at Sociedade Hípica Portuguesa. The event drew impressive attendance, attracting equine enthusiasts, breeders, riders, owners, and investors. Highlights included the 2024 Stallions’ Approval, Stallions’ presentations, APSL’s Project of Young Lusitano Horses in Dressage, Working Equitation tests, and Dressage competitions.

With a primary focus on the annual Lusitano stallions’ approval, the show condensed the yearly calendar of approvals into a singular annual event. The APSL's innovative system, resulting in remarkable success, marked a milestone in showcasing Lusitano stallions, setting a precedent for future initiatives in the industry.


What's new in the approval process?

Veterinary Inspection: This year, APSL introduced a significant change by incorporating the veterinary inspection as part of the stallions’ admission. Before presenting to the judges, all horses underwent evaluation by a veterinarian, assessing their overall physical condition and health, akin to the standards observed in dressage competitions. In our opinion this change represents a significant improvement, raising the standards and level of scrutiny for horses admitted to these events.

Real-time Scores Available to the Public: In this new stallion approval model, engaging with the audience appears to be a newfound priority for APSL. In contrast to previous events where spectators had to wait until the end of each presentation to learn the final scores through a speaker, in this new format, all specific grades were promptly displayed on a screen during each horse's presentation. This real-time information allows the public to be instantly informed about the scores. Furthermore, it serves as a means to raise awareness about what judges seek in a stallion, contributing to the education of the audience.

Live-Feed Transmission: The global audience was granted real-time access to the approval process through the online broadcast of the event, offering viewers a firsthand experience as the proceedings unfolded. This not only fostered a heightened sense of engagement but also broadened the horizons for the Lusitano breed on a global scale. This transformative development emerged as a significant boon for Lusitano enthusiasts worldwide, providing a unique opportunity for those unable to attend the event in Portugal to partake in the excitement.


Facts & figures on the 2024 Lusitano stallions’ approval

Out of a total of 77 registered horses, 8 were excluded during the veterinary inspection, leaving 69 horses presented for grading. However, during their presentations, 2 horses withdrew from the grading due to locomotion problems. In total, out of the 69 horses assessed by the judges, 47 were approved while 18 failed to meet the standards. Among the approved progeny, sires Escorial and Rubi AR were notably well-represented. 

Top 3 Highest-Scoring Lusitano Stallions

The Lusitano Stallions Approval was leaded by an esteemed panel of judges who meticulously analyzed each stallion's conformation, movement and overall quality. The rigorous process aimed to spotlight only the crème de la crème of the breed, bolstering the ongoing excellence of the Lusitano lineage. Following three days of intense scrutiny, the top three highest-scoring Lusitano stallions emerged:

Taking center stage was the magnificent Pacifico de La Gesse (Escorial x Joliva La Gesse by Harmonioso), bred by Haras de La Gesse and owned by JRME Horse Campline, Lda. Piloted by Yara Fernandes, Pacifico mesmerized the crowd and clinched the highest points of the approval with a remarkable score of 76.5 points. Notably, Pacifico's movements garnered attention, securing 8 points in walk, trot, and canter.

Securing the runner-up position was the absolute charmer Poison (Altivo x Calvina by Vasquito), bred and owned by Coudelaria Carvalho Matos. Ridden by João Graça, Poison earned an impressive 75.5 points, showcasing his exceptional qualities.

Claiming the third spot was Olissipo da Broa (Varão da Broa x Fidalga da Broa by Oceano), bred by Manuel Tavares Veiga and owned by Diana Cambão. Teaming up with rider Manuel Veiga, Olissipo also captivated attention and scored an impressive 75.25 points.

These top-ranking Lusitano stallions not only enthralled the audience with their exceptional attributes but also affirmed their status as outstanding representatives of the breed, adding prestige to the event and further contributing to the legacy of Lusitano excellence.

Lusitano Horse Exhibition Inaugural Edition Triumphs in Breed Promotion & Proclaims Success for APSL

As the inaugural Lusitano Horse Exhibition concluded, a wave of delight echoed among both visitors and organizers: the event was a resounding success! Heartfelt congratulations are undoubtedly due to APSL for orchestrating an event that stood out for its remarkable organization, inviting ambiance and impressive attendance.

APSL's strategic initiative goes beyond a mere equestrian gathering: it's a call to action for breeders, riders and owners to prioritize the meticulous selection of the breed’s reproducers. The decision to integrate a single stallion's approval within this prestigious event, characterized by meticulous organization and global visibility, significantly elevates the credibility of the entire process.

As the curtains closed on the 1st Lusitano Horse Exhibition, it left an indelible mark on the Lusitano equestrian scene. Breed enthusiasts now eagerly await the next edition, fueled by the anticipation of witnessing further excellence. Beyond a celebration of the future stallions, the event successfully positioned itself as a powerful platform for broadcasting the prowess of Lusitanos to a global audience.


If you're eager to discover the names of the most recently registered stallions from this weekend's event, dive into their videos and results:



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