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Are you looking for a Lusitano horse for a breeding project? This filter option is definitely important for you!

By selecting the button of ‘approved for breeding’ you make sure in your search will only appear horses or mares that are already approved for breeding by the Portuguese Association of the Lusitano Horse (APSL). You can also confirm this status on each specific horse page details and find out what was the final score of the broodmare or breeding stallion you are analyzing.

Curious to know more about the approval process?

The approval of animals for the Studbook includes:

  • Animals must undergo functional morphology tests in which they shall be inspected and be awarded points.
  • All animals whose points score does not contain more than two categories with a score of six (6), or more than one category with a score of five (5) shall be registered and approved to commence breeding. Any animals with a score of less than five (5) will be disqualified.
  • Male horses must be evaluated regarding the functional and morphological integrity of genital organs, and this evaluation is done based on the results of a spermogram. Cryptorchid (unilateral or bilateral) animals may not be entered in the Studbook.
  • Male studhorse candidates must be inspected under saddle, in public examinations to be designated annually by APSL with candidate broodmares being shown in hand, on the breeder’s premises, or in public examinations.
  • The minimum age shall be three years for females and four years for male horses. Any horse may, however, be entered in the Studbook, prior to reaching the referred to age, provided that all of the conditions expressed in this article have been complied with and that the Registration Committee considers that their development and conformation so permit.

To learn more details and read full information we advise you to consult the Lusitano Breed Studbook Regulation.

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