Several terms are used worldwide to describe horses’ gender. Check out Lusitano World guide about gender and understand how and when gender matters!


In standard terms a mare is a female horse that is over the age of three.                   


An adult male horse that isn’t castrated, meaning the presence of testosterone and capability to reproduce. Stallions are also known as ‘Entire’ or ‘Full horses’.


Horse that has been castrated and can no longer breed. When a horse is gelded their hormone levels are lower, normally translating in to a calmer behavior.


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No: researchers found that gender had little effect on performance. Stallions, mares and geldings have the same sportive performance, even if their behavior can be different.

Gender matters the most when it comes to bring your horse home. If you must export your new equine partner outside Europe you might consider gelding your horse, aiming to reduce exportation costs and decrease the quarantine duration. For instance, in the USA, any entire horse over the age of two-years-old must undergo a 34-day quarantine that entails two live cover breedings, which can alter the behavior of a previously virgin horse. The stabling conditions in which you plan to keep your new horse and his intended daily use may also influence whether or not you choose to geld a stallion.

One can think that having a mare or a stallion can immediately start a breeding program. Although this is true, if you want to be able to officially register your Lusitano in the official studbook: make sure your Lusitano is approved to breed. Studhorses and Broodmares must be submitted to an official approval for the studbook, so make sure you fulfill this requisite before starting your breeding program.

Lusitano World can assist you if you need to geld your new horse before traveling. As safety is our ultimate goal, we advise to perform the surgery in a vet clinic where the horse will stay over-night followed by a team of dedicated equine-health professionals. Take note you can also insure your horse before this procedure.

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