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Dressage training levels are a way to classify how advanced a horse and rider combination are. This scale provides an easy way to measure the expected level of schooling and also gives the rider a notion of the horse progression.

Here is a rough guide Lusitano World organized to help you understand what you might expect to see at each level - please note this is an adaptation of the competition levels to make easier to our clients to search the horse that fits the best to their needs:

Not ridden

The horse hasn’t been started his work under saddle. Normally these horses are under 3-year-old.


Horse started under saddle and performing correctly all 3 basic paces: walk, trot and canter.


Horse starts lateral work such as leg yield and shoulder in. He is introduced to rein back.


Can perform simple changes, half-passes and travers, collected and counter canter.


Performing single flying changes and flying changes in series, half-working pirouettes.


The 1st FEI level of Dressage includes half canter pirouettes, tempi changes every 3rd and 4th stride.


Includes full canter pirouettes and tempi changes every 2nd stride.

Grand Prix

The highest level of dressage includes piaffe, passage and tempi changes.

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