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Exquisite Bay Lusitano Stallion

REF #489 15.000 - 25.000 €

Exquisite Bay Lusitano Stallion, he is a true head-turner! He combines a super attractive look with a very charming personality, which turns him into a sweet and super lovable boy. With cooperative and calm character, he is currently performing at medium level, proving to be super safe to ride. He has gathered some competition experience with a young lady rider - an ideal candidate if you are looking for a horse to keep progressing trough the levels and with whom you can combine leisure and competition ambitions. Extraordinary price opportunity! Ask us more:

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Striking buckskin stallion - top mind

REF #402 15.000 - 25.000 €

This baroque type Lusitano is a pure gem! Unbelievably beautiful, he is a true eye-turner, the kind of horse that leaves no one indifferent! He has the most incredibly canter: very balanced, with great hindleg and super comfortable to ride, he will make a great candidate for working equitation! Being introduced to lateral movements, he is also used to be ridden in the countryside: something he simply loves to do! Despite is young age, he is very serious and honest with his rider. Not spooky and easy to ride, he always tries his best. A gentle soul with the best work-ethics both in hand and under saddle – ideal choice for an amateur rider who wants a stunning horse to evolve with. Ask us more today:

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Lusitano gelding with easy flying changes

REF #481 15.000 - 25.000 €

Brought to PSG level by an amateur rider, this horse has a lovely character and proves to be very easy and cooperative under saddle. With competition experience, the highlight of this sweet gelding goes for his canter work, with a nice tempo, super balance and very easy flying changes. Top temperament, he keeps his cool in new environments, being very safe both under saddle and in hand. Currently looking for a new rider who wants to keep on developing him through the training scale or simply enjoy some quality time together. Good price-relationship quality! More info at the distance of one click:

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PSG Lusitano Suitable for Amateur

REF #278 25.000 - 40.000 €

Expressive and talented Lusitano gelding, schooled up to PSG level. Charming eye catcher he has good riding qualities, being easy and pleasant to ride. In highlight his trot work, with knee expression and easiness to extend. In the canter he is being introduced to the pirouettes and flying changes in series. Used to travel, hack and go into competition environment, he has an implacable behavior and work-ethics. Currently looking for a new home, this horse will be the ideal choice for amateur riders who want to combine leisure and competition. We invite you to meet him:

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Piro Free Lusitano Stallion with top mind

REF #334 25.000 - 40.000 €

Rising piro free Lusitano stallion born in 2015. Started under saddle in 2019, he proves to have a simply incredible mind and stupendous rideability. Always focused in pleasing his rider, he is a fast learner, proving to be cool, calm and easy to ride – even when some lovely lady’s come close to say ‘hi!’. His bomb-proof temperament makes him an ideal horse for an amateur rider who wants to develop a young horse from basics to the top. We believe this horse will develop into a beautiful all-round baroque type, with outstanding look and who will always do his very best for any rider. Get in touch to book your appointment:

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Reliable Piro Free PSG Lusitano Gelding

REF #480 40.000 - 60.000 €

This incredibly reliable piro free Lusitano is an ideal choice for ambitious amateurs’ riders who are looking for a solid dressage partner. Uncomplicated to ride, this sweet-tempered gelding is always keen to please, proving to have a motivated work attitude. Under professional training for the last year, he has reached a sound PSG level and is in speed route to the advanced class: when training at home he is already able to master first Grand Prix movements, with easy piaffe, lovely canter pirouettes and starting 1-tempi flying changes. Always honest and willing to perform his best, he is a joyful ride for any rider, who can be quoted as a confident giver as he always keeps his cool in the dressage arena and is always honest with his rider. A horse you must see, so don’t hesitate contacting us for more details:

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Sorraia Stallion - ideal for young children

REF #405 < 15.000 €

Looking for a small exquisite horse for your children? Look no further – this sweet and super safe Sorraia can be your ideal choice! With beautiful rare dun color, this licensed breeding stallion proves to have an excellent training under saddle: a true confident giver, he is the right candidate for unexperienced riders – children or light adult amateurs – who want to combine riding dressage at elementary level with going out for long hackings in the fields. Cherry on the top of the cake – this sweet boy is also introduced to carriage.

Want to know more about the Sorraia breed? This old-type breed of horses are indigenous from Iberian Peninsula, in the Sorraia River basin, in Portugal. Known for its primitive features, including a convex profile and dun coloring with primitive markings, these are very resistant horses, easy-keepers that are well-adapted to harsh conditions. If you are curious, ask us more:

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Piro Free Graded Lusitano Stallion

REF #472 Under Request

Extremely attractive piro-free Lusitano, approved has a breeding stallion: currently performing at complementary level and preparing to upgrade to PSG. Descendent from Alter Real bloodlines, this highly good-looking dressage prospect evolves in the arena with elasticity, power and expression. With amicable temperament and playful character, this charismatic horse is extremely cooperative under saddle and very easy to ride, proving to have a very trainable temperament and always eager to learn. All in all a super opportunity for a producer or ambitious amateur rider who is looking for a fun and talented partner to evolve with! Do you want to know more? Get in touch:

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Talented Piro Free Lusitano with GP Potential

REF #471 Under Request

A piro-free combination of talent, beauty and charm! This fabulous licensed Lusitano stallion is out of the well knowed stallion Soberano by Hostil. Approved with 74 points, this true head-turner measures 1.68m at withers. Pedigree aside, this is a horse with the most generous temperament, showing a truly gentle personality, always calm and attentive to his rider, seeking to please and perform either he is under the command of an experienced professional or an amateur rider. With an enormous amount of talent, he has a natural ability to collect, with a correct expressive piaffe and canter pirouettes. Starting the work of flying changes in series, he is a serious candidate to become a Grand Prix horse! In conclusion: pedigree, rideability matched with excellent temperament makes this attractive, elegant and well-tempered stallion a certain asset to any barn and a super opportunity for a rider who wants to take him to the next level! Get in touch to book your visit to meet this piro free dressage star:

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Licensed Lusitano stallion suitable for amateur riders

REF #395 40.000 - 60.000 €

Licensed Lusitano Stallion descendent from the finest breeding lines. Graceful and talented, this handsome Prix St George schoolmaster is a joy to ride, proving to have supper manners both in the ground and under saddle. With solid command in all lateral movements, flying changes in series, canter pirouettes and piaffe, we are certain he will become an excellent partner for an amateur rider to evolve with and learn from. Cherry on the top of the cake, he can combine his ridding career with his already proven breeding vocation. Want to know more? Book to get to meet him personally:

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Top Schoolmaster with solid PSG level

REF #319 40.000 - 60.000 €

Excellently trained schoolmaster looking for his forever home! This real gem is suitable for almost any rider: well-behaved and always eager to work he is the right partner for an amateur rider, making every day work a real pleasure. He has a confident command of movements: whether half passes, piaffe-passage combinations or flying changes in series, this sweet stallion makes it very easy for his rider. Always displaying a high willingness for collection, he has already confirmed competition background, performing with impressive confidence at PSG Level, keeping his cool in the dressage arena, he is always honest with his rider. If you look for a horse to evolve with, this is a candidate to take in serious consideration. Book now to visit him:

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Modern Lusitano Gelding from Alter Real bloodlines

REF #473 15.000 - 25.000 €

This lovely Lusitano gelding descends from the reputable Alter Real lines. With attractive modern look, he has three correct and expressive gaits, moving with plenty of swing, elasticity and self-go. Graceful and talented, he proves to be easy to ride and totally suitable for capable amateurs. Used to be ridden in the countryside, he is a smart and fast learner who is solid in the elementary level and now starts being introduced to lateral movements. We believe this can be an ideal choice for a rider who wants to combine leisure with dressage competition. Excellent price-quality relationship! Want to know more? Book to get to meet him personally:

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Modern Piro Free Lusitano Gelding

REF #450 25.000 - 40.000 €

Expressive piro-free Lusitano gelding schooled up at medium level. With a modern look, this graceful and talented horse proves to be very easy to ride and totally suitable for capable amateurs. His kind temperament and lovely manners are a constant, either he is at home or when introduced to new environments. He has three correct gaits, expressive movement and good knee action. His great riding qualities are emphasized by his honest character, cooperative personality and a motivated attitude towards work, that turns him into a fast and easy learner. Starting the single flying-changes we expect him to progress up to PSG until end of next year. If you are looking for a talented horse to keep evolving with, do not hesitate to ask us more details:

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Expressive and Charming PSG Lusitano

REF #313 40.000 - 60.000 €

Expressive Lusitano stallion ready to compete in Prix St. Georges tests and currently learning Grand Prix movements. He already has a sound command of piaffe, passage and flying changes in series. Focused on his rider, he is pleasant and uncomplicated to ride. Super easy to handle and very affectionate towards humans, he displays no stallion tendencies. Eager to learn and to please his rider, his lovely nature turns him in a great partner for sport. A highly attractive baroque horse with sports potential, ideal for lady riders, young riders and ambitious amateurs.
Want to know him? Send us a message:

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Piro Free PRE Schoolmaster at PSG level

REF #438 25.000 - 40.000 €

What a gorgeous boy! This PRE Stallion is a super horse with an excellent character and movement. He really enjoys his work: currently training PSG level and being introduced to the upper level, showing a great understanding for higher level movements. Eager to learn, this dreamy PRE has an excellent attitude as well as an amiable character. Easy to handle and soft natured which makes him a dream for an owner. A rare and exciting opportunity to own a horse with the quality and temperament to match. Get in touch to learn more:

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Piro free gelding competing in GP

REF #354 Under Request

Fabulous opportunity! Piro free gelding, who is a Grand Prix experienced schoolmaster with good basic gaits and a heart of gold that will perform with any rider. Easy and very well-behaved horse, he has a pleasant forward movement which is always keen to please. Performing with a confident command for all movements he is well-behaved under less experienced riders and makes every day work a true pleasure. With a vast experience in competition, he keeps his cool in the dressage arena and is always honest with his rider. A striking horse such as this is not one you come across every day! Excellent opportunity for export! Take the chance to ask us more:

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Gentle White Charm Lusitano Stallion

REF #410 25.000 - 40.000 €

Have a look at this sweet and gentle pure-white Lusitano. Started under saddle less than 1 year ago, this bombproof boy handles every situation with a relaxed attitude and is incredibly friendly. With good quality and correct in all three gaits, he has an easy contact, comfortable to ride and always willing to learn – all in one, he is the perfect horse for an amateur rider to develop a partnership with, either just for having fun or even to compete in dressage. Ask us more about this amicable guy:

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Piro Free Schoolmaster at Inter Level

REF #274 Under Request

Experienced dressage horse and schoolmaster. Well-behaved, this Portuguese Sport Horse is always willing to do his best, proving to have an absolutely ideal temperament for a rider who wants a secure and very well-educated horse with a cool nerve. Performing most of the Grand Prix level exercises, this piro free gelding has already competition experience in PSG Level. A reliable and well-behaved partner who remains focused on work, ideal for amateurs with dressage ambitions. Currently located at USA - Colorado. Book now your appointment to meet him:

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Lusitano Gelding ready for GP

REF #407 Under Request

Very talented Lusitano, already competing at the advanced class. A sensitive horse with plenty of ‘go’, he is a talented dressage horse, ideal for ambitious lady riders and juniors. Amazing to handle with a lovely brain and calm temperament he is always willing to perform, light on his feet, elastic and elevated; in highlight his ability for collection and good easy-to-ride flying changes. With competition experience in PSG and Inter Level tests he is now ready to evolve up to Grand Prix. A horse with the ability and quality to be a great asset for a producer or professional, but also cool tempered enough for a capable amateur. Get in touch to learn more:

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Great mover with incredible mind

REF #363 40.000 - 60.000 €

Very easy and noble Lusitano Stallion with an outstanding walk, elastic and supple trot and a wonderful powerful canter. He is amazing to handle with a lovely brain and calm temperament. Bomb-proof, he is fun, easy and comfortable to ride, showing a natural ability to collect combined with excellent ground cover. Performing solid lateral movements, he is now confirming his flying-changes, canter pirouettes and piaffe.
If you are looking for a solid investment on a young horse showing a great temperament, sportive potential and suitable for an amateur rider, then this horse is for you! Get in touch:

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PSG Schoolmaster suitable for amateur

REF #271 15.000 - 25.000 €

This sweet white Lusitano stallion is an experienced competition horse at Junior FEI level and is currently performing at PSG level. He is super well-mannered in hand as well as ridden, very cooperative with his rider and a true pleasure to ride. He gathers the baroque typical look with the swing and ground coverage of a sportive horse, perfectly suited for an ambitious amateur rider that wants to compete in dressage. He adapts very easily to the rider profile and has proven to be an excellent schoolmaster as he is used to be ridden by less experienced riders. Ask us more about him:

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Piro Free Lusitano Schoolmaster

REF #349 25.000 - 40.000 €

Piro-Free schoolmaster looking for his forever home! A confidence giver, this experienced PSG Lusitano Stallion is a joyful ride for any rider with a confident command of the movements. Whether half passes, flying changes in series, canter pirouettes or passage, this boy will make it very easy for his rider.

Honest heart and always well-behaved, this gentleman is a real gem who will perform easily with an amateur and not experienced rider. Reliable horse for the advanced class, he is also suitable for Para-Equestrian. Get in touch to learn more:

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Black Barroque Lusitano Stallion

REF #348 40.000 - 60.000 €

Very attractive black baroque horse, performing at PSG Level. Reliable horse for the advanced class with excellent uphill canter and good easy-to-ride flying changes. A true joy to ride, he is sensitive, honest and always willing to perform.

With excellent training and confident command movements, he is already introduced to the competitions, where he shows to be uncomplicated and always gives his best. A heart of gold that will perform with any rider. 
Inquire us:

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