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6YO piro free stunner with great potential

REF #566 25.000 - 40.000 €

What a star! This piro free young stallion is a real diamond in the rough! With staggering typical looks, strong conformation and a simply beautiful face, he makes you stop and stare! Always willing to please his rider, we can find in him a natural talent and ability! Light and elegant, we highlight his trot work, with ground cover, beautiful knee action, swing and elasticity. With impeccable work-ethics, he is used to be ridden outside, enjoying long hacks galloping through the fields. At the age of 6 years-old, he shows a raw ability to perform more advances exercises, such as piaffe and passage. With tuns of charisma and captivating presence, he combines the best of both worlds: he’s a true gentleman with just the right amount of vibration. With the right training we believe he has all it takes to mature into a super nice dressage horse. This stunner is now looking for his next home, where he can keep his development. Could he be the one you are looking for? Feel free to ask us more:

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Piro free chesnut stallion with top work-ethics

REF #408 25.000 - 40.000 €

Precious piro free chestnut Lusitano stallion: a charming baroque type with fabulous movements! With attentive and expressive eye, he will catch immediately your attention with his great charisma and cute personality. He loves all human contact and he salutes you amicably when you arrive at the stable – a very intelligent horse, human-oriented! Currently measuring 1.62m, he is a super comfortable horse to ride and with great natural balance in all three gaits. He has impeccable work-ethics and despite his young age, he proves to have a super rideability: always cooperative with his rider, he never gets scared of anything. He already participated in a dressage competition with flying-colors. Under saddle since beginning of this year, he is evolving respecting the training scale. Currently performing at elementary level, he shows really good quality gaits, uphill in his frame with a great hind leg and swinging movement. In highlight his canter, with groundcover and super balance. We can foresee he will master all collection exercises, such as piaffe and canter pirouettes. A true charmer, with a huge potential not to miss! Ask us more:

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Piro free LusoWarmblood Mare by Totilas

REF #552 15.000 - 25.000 €

Excited to introduce you to this piro free black luso-warmblood mare, sired by the most well-known and exciting Dutch Warmblood stallion ever: Moorlands Totilas. She has a modern silhouette, correct conformation and the sweetest character. A well-tempered and full of personality amateur friendly mare that, even at 5yo and with less than 6 months of training, is suitable for almost any capable rider. Her pedigree dictates she should prove to be highly rideable, very intelligent and eager to learn. Charming and beautiful, this fabulous lady stands at 1.67m and is expected to finish around 1.70m. A gorgeous topline, light on her feet and with a lovely canter, with ground cover and active hind leg. A tremendous option, suitable for either a capable amateur wanting a young horse to produce or a producer who is looking for a sound investment. Make sure to be the first to ask us more:

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Piro free black pearl with expressive gaits

REF #541 15.000 - 25.000 €

Charming 3YO piro free stallion blessed with a stunning look, a great mind and super trainability – all the key assets to capture the most demanding crowd! He has a sweet temperament, proving so far to be trainable and willing to learn. Already started under saddle, he oozes charisma matched with exceptional rideability and expressive movement. This fabulous youngster is light on his feet, presenting three very correct, elastic and balanced paces. Suitable for ambitious amateurs and certainly an opportunity for producers and professionals. If you are looking for an exciting young prospect with good character and promising gaits then this black beauty is worth your consideration – he has all the credentials required to make him a sound investment for the future. Book your visit or ask us more details:

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Young and Charming 3YO Piro Free Lusitano

REF #537 15.000 - 25.000 €

This showstopper chestnut coated Lusitano stallion will impress you by his looks, amiable temperament and supple movements. Well-built in his conformation, this stunner will mature into a strong and solid horse with the right features for dressage purpose. Evolving in the arena oozing presence, this youngster shows to have a good balance, elasticity and groundcover. He has been recently started under saddle, proving to be a cooperative student, always attentive to his rider: a sensitive horse with plenty of 'self-go'. This boy is now looking for a new home where he can evolve through the levels. If you're looking for a gorgeous-looking young Lusitano to take home and develop further, he can be a great choice! Don't miss out on the chance to know him:

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Bombproof Piro Free Black Lusitano Stallion

REF #536 25.000 - 40.000 €

Showstopper black coated Lusitano stallion with bombproof character: he is the ideal schoolmaster any amateur rider or children can wish for! With faultless behavior, he is fun, easy and extremely comfortable to ride – a true confidence giver and a safe ride in every situation. This 11YO gentleman a joy to ride: with easy contact, light in the aids and with solid command of all exercises, he is trained at complementary level. He also offers a beautiful passage and piaffe, making these exercises easy and effortless for any rider. A human-oriented horse, with generous heart and always willing to please his rider! Piro free, he can be exported worldwide. Recent X-Rays available on demand. This wonderful horse could be that ideal partner you’ve been dreaming of! Don’t hesitate to ask us more:

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Top Quality Lusitano – 4YO dressage prospect

REF #535 Under Request

Thrilled to bring you this exciting 4YO dressage prospect! A strong pedigree matched with the most desirable temperament and luxurious gaits makes this son of the former Champion of Champions Guardião do Penedo an exciting prospect as a breeding stallion for future to combine with a ridden career at the highest level. With stunning looks, he presents a modern conformation with long legs and naturally uphill frame. His temperament is gorgeous: he is easy and calm in handling to date and shows incredible trainability. His gaits are just delightful. He evolves with great rhythm through each movement. He shows a super hind-leg, incredible swing through the body and suppleness. All looks effortless for this young horse, who is always focused on his job and willing to please his rider. If you want a glamorous young stallion that has superb potential in the sport and has a super attitude, then this stunner should be on your list! Will you be the lucky new owner? If so, be the first one to get in touch:

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Gorgeous looking 3YO Lusitano with 1,54m

REF #527 < 15.000 €

This stunning 3-year-old boy is a proof that good things also come in small packages With gorgeous looking, this youngster is extremely intelligent and sweet natured - he loves human attention and, despite only being at the stables for 3 months, shows impeccable work ethics and proves to be an eager learner. Standing 1,54m at withers, he has three correct and expressive gaits. He has been gently introduced to ridden work 2 months ago, proving to have a very cooperative behavior, calm mind and the capacity to keep his natural balance in all three paces. Ideal choice for someone looking for a smaller, compact horse with quality to evolve through the levels! With correct training he will become an extremely attractive horse, ideal for children level! Don't miss the chance to know more! Very good price-relationship quality! Inquire more: 

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Trustworthy 10YO PRE Gelding

REF #528 15.000 - 25.000 €

What a superb family horse! This lovely 10 years-old PRE gelding is looking for his new forever home and he has all it takes to become your yard-darling: the kindest personality, the most incredible looks and absolutely bombproof to ride. Presenting three correct and balanced paces he is easy and uncomplicated to ride: a true confidence giver, he can be ridden by less experienced riders and children, who can easily take him out on the countryside on long hikes. Very honest and forgiving character, he proves to be an trustworthy companion in all situations. If you’re looking for an uncomplicated companion to have fun with, this horse should be on the top of your list! Would you like to meet him? Get in touch:

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Golden cross-breed Lusitano Mare - ideal for amateur riders

REF #526 < 15.000 €

Golden girl with golden heart! This lovely baroque-type look mare is an elegant lady with an eye-catch personality! She knows how to sneak into everyone’s hearts with her sweet personality and friendly character. Presenting three correct gaits, we highlight her super smooth and balanced canter which is super comfortable to sit. She is easy and uncomplicated to ride, always diligent and kind under saddle. Always focused and attentive to her rider, she is used to be ridden by less experienced riders and she is often ridden outside, being super safe and cool-minded. In fact, countryside rides are on the top of her favorite activities list! She is now looking for a new home – does she have what it takes to be the new horse on your stable? If so, don’t hesitate to get in touch:

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Exciting Grand Prix Prospect Lusitano

REF #513 Under Request

Exciting and elegant Grand Prix prospect! This Lusitano gelding is an extremely friendly gentleman and an absolute joy to ride: he will make any rider feel like a star. On the way to become a GP horse, he has solid command of most of the movements. With an amazing temperament, he is extremely safe, trustworthy and a quick learner: he is now getting his piaffe and one-tempi changes solid before his debuts in the highest level of dressage. With competition experience, he handles new environments with a level head. With great movements and incredible expression, he moves nicely off the leg and easily on the aids.  With this dressage horse we are sure you won't go unnoticed in the arena! Inquires can be addressed to

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Top Quality Young Buckskin Lusitano

REF #425 25.000 - 40.000 €

What an exciting young horse! He combines beauty, movement and character! With a bloodline almost exclusive from Sociedade das Silveiras, this striking shiny buckskin Lusitano stallion is out of Impar II by Altivo. With three excellent gaits, he shows elasticity, swing, ground cover and excellent rhythm. With a gentle nature, he has been introduced softly to the work under saddle, proving to be a smart and fast learner, always eager to cooperate with his rider. We can foresee a great future for this powerful and high-quality young Lusitano, not only in sports but also with top potential to become a breeding stallion! If you are looking for a rare golden gem, then you should ask us more:

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Piro Free PRE Gelding with top mind

REF #518 15.000 - 25.000 €

This lovely piro free PRE gelding has a great mind and proves to be extremely easy under saddle. With gorgeous look and typical baroque neck, he is a smart learner who always tries to understand and please his rider. With super comfortable gaits, he moves with great knee action and smooth transitions. With top character, this gentleman will be suitable for adult amateur riders, who can enjoy ridding him not only indoors but also outdoors. If you are looking for a young equine partner to have fun with and progress for the future, this sweet guy is a candidate to consider. Get in touch to learn more:

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Young dressage prospect by Escorial

REF #478 40.000 - 60.000 €

Escorial offspring with excellent basic gaits and riding qualities: no doubt he is a highly talented young dressage horse, with super movements and promising future ahead. Developing splendidly under the saddle, he is extremely flexible and evolves in the arena with rhythm, swing and excellent ground cover. Summing competition experience, this young horse already proved he has what it takes for the dressage ring, with a curriculum that includes dressage tests and scores above 70%. Very cooperant with his rider, he has solid command of the basic work, balanced transitions, excellent lateral movements and is starting the flying changes work, attesting great aptitude for all canter future GP exercises. All in all, a top choice for dressage riders who wants to train a highly talented youngster. Ask us more:

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Top Piro Free Lusitano Mare

REF #522 Under Request

This is a super attractive and lovely moving 5-year-old mare by famous merit stallion Hostil. With sportive look, she has plenty of presence and allure. Great movements with highlight for the trot, with a very active hind-leg and plenty of groundcover. She is a very intelligent horse, honest to her rider and likes to work. The rider took her gently through the training scale, making the basics really easy and solid. She is consolidating the lateral work and being introduced to the flying changes that are still be a bit green but are getting stronger each day. A super mare for a competitive rider to take on and up the levels! A great opportunity to take home a dressage queen in the making! Don’t miss your change to learn more about her:

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Young Black Piro Free Star

REF #364 25.000 - 40.000 €

This incredibly expressive and attractive young black Lusitano stallion is a true prospect for the future. Started under saddle in summer 2019, he has amazing gaits, combining elasticity, power and always being uphill in his frame with a great hind leg and swinging movement. Well-behaved, uncomplicated and always focused on the job, he is very safe to ride. Very smart, he is a fast learner, who is being gently introduced to lateral work and flying changes.  A phenomenal horse with a huge personality! All in all a highly promising young prospect for an ambitious rider. Get in touch to know more:

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Athletic Young Lusitano Gelding

REF #508 15.000 - 25.000 €

What a lovely cool character this beautiful Lusitano gelding has! He has three lovely loose and athletic paces: in highlight his extremely balanced canter and the consistent groundcover in all 3 gaits. He certainly has the right work attitude and will be a quality future dressage horse. Still maturing in his body, he was started under saddle with correction and respecting the training scale. Very solid in the basics, he is ready to start the young horses’ competitions and already starts leg-hill, shoulder in and counter canter. A top choice for a rider who is looking for a quality horse to develop trough the levels. For further details get in touch:

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Modern Piro Free Lusitano at Medium Level

REF #184 15.000 - 25.000 €

Modern looking piro free Lusitano gelding - standing at 1.63m, this beautiful horse presents three correct gaits and a soft pleasant contact. Easy and uncomplicated, he is always willing and motivated to work with great energy and forward thinking. Not easily distracted, he keeps his focus on the rider. Comfortable to seat, he has a solid command of lateral movements and is getting better each day in the flying changes work. If you are looking for a fun horse to develop towards the future, this is a super candidate, with a very attractive price-quality combination. Want to know him better? Ask us more:

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Lusitano Gelding at advanced level

REF #467 25.000 - 40.000 €

Good-looking Lusitano gelding with Working Equitation competition experience. Performing most of the advanced exercises, this horse is extremely talented. In highlight his canter work, with uphill balance and very strait ample flying changes, which he performs in series with easiness. His trot is extremely expressive, with high knee action and plenty of ground cover, showing ability both to extend and collect. This sweet gelding has an impeccable behavior and is already introduced to working equitation competitions. With a versatile profile, he can also prove his value in the dressage ring. A sensitive horse that will give his very best to please his rider. An excellent choice for an ambitious rider who is looking for a horse ready for the show! And take note: excellent price-relationship quality! Ask us more:

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Dreamy PRE Schoolmaster

REF #505 15.000 - 25.000 €

This PRE stallion is an absolute dream to ride! A true gentleman, this horse is the ideal choice for an amateur rider who is looking for a lifetime partner to have fun with. Bombproof, he is used to be ridden in the fields, behaving at his best even with young children and riders with no experience. This schoolmaster displays no stallion tendencies: his impeccable behavior both under saddle and in all handling activities turn him in to a yard darling, the favorite one to ride in any circumstance. Awarded with 2 golden medals at Spanish model and gaits competitions, he has an impressive physique and his beauty is astonishing! And to tease you just a little bit more – he might be piro free, results are expected in a couple of weeks! If this is the horse you have been looking for, get in touch:

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Expressive Lusitano Breending Mare

REF #491 < 15.000 €

Searching for a good-looking breeding mare to add to your herds? Have a closer look at this young lady, born in 2016! In highlight her trot, evolving proudly in the pasture with expressive attitude, knee action and ground cover. Living a happy life in the pastures with her other lady-friends, she will be introduced this year into the breeding program. As the breeder is looking to reduce the number of breeding mares she is now in the market at an excellent price – a good business opportunity! For more details or to set up an appointment get in touch:

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Young Lusitano sired by Safado CL

REF #495 15.000 - 25.000 €

Lovely 3-year-old Lusitano sired by Safado CL. Measuring 1.62m at withers, this good-looking baroque type young stallion is well put together conformationally and has three balanced, elastic and supple gaits. Brought from the fields end of 2019, he is very sweet in his temperament, evidencing to be very easy in all handling activities. Curious and smart, we believe he will be a fast learner once we start him under saddle. For more details or to set up an appointment get in touch:

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Exciting Dressage prospect by Escorial

REF #482 25.000 - 40.000 €

What an exciting prospect! This son of Escorial inherited from his father a lot of qualities, becoming an impressive young horse with plenty of talent for dressage sport. This tremendously good-looking young Lusitano stallion has the ideal riding qualities and wonderful basic gaits. With expressive movements, active hindquarters, beautiful shoulder movement with swing and suppleness, he evolves with elasticity and elegance in the arena. His expressive trot is particularly worth mentioning! Ideal choice for ambitious riders looking for a rising star. Might him be the right candidate for you? Get in touch:

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Solid Build Lusitano Breeding Mare

REF #490 < 15.000 €

Lovely lady on sight! This Lusitano mare, born in 2016, will impress you by her solid build conformation and great movement in trot, with very good shoulder action and active hindleg. She can be a smart addition to your breeding program. Currently in the fields living with a herd of mares, she will be introduced this year to the reproduction program. As the breeder is reducing the number of horses, she is offered in the market for a very attractive price – good business opportunity! Do not waste more time and ask us more:

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