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2YO colt with bicolored mane

REF #511 < 15.000 €

Baby-boy to melt anyone’s heart! This rare colored 2-year-old Lusitano is a bay with a bicolor mane which gives him a stunning and different look! Not only he will mature into a stunning baroque-looking, all round-shaped horse, as to sum it he has the most amicable temperament you can ask for! When visiting the herd in the fields, he makes sure that he is the first one getting close and capturing all human attention. Currently measuring 1,54m, he is expected to end up at 1.62m at withers. Good mover, he is elastic and extremely well-balanced in all three paces. With the easiest handling you can wish for, he behaves like an old horse in hand and has been introduced to all grooming routines, lounging and even going on the trailer.

If you are looking for a young horse to start from scratch, he can be the ideal choice! We offer the option to keep him in the fields up to 3YO and he can be started under saddle at Lusitano World Training Center. An exciting project on the making – are you going to rule it?

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Piro Free Baroque Chesnut Stallion

REF #408 25.000 - 40.000 €

Precious piro free chestnut Lusitano stallion: a charming baroque type with fabulous movements! With attentive and expressive eye, he will catch immediately your attention with his great charisma and cute personality. He loves all human contact and he salutes you amicably when you arrive at the stable – a very intelligent horse, human-oriented! Currently measuring 1.62m, he is a super comfortable horse to ride and with great natural balance in all three gaits. He has impeccable work-ethics and despite his young age, he proves to have a super rideability: always cooperative with his rider, he never gets scared of anything. He already participated in a dressage competition with flying-colors. Under saddle since beginning of this year, he is evolving respecting the training scale. Currently performing at elementary level, he shows really good quality gaits, uphill in his frame with a great hind leg and swinging movement. In highlight his canter, with groundcover and super balance. We can foresee he will master all collection exercises, such as piaffe and canter pirouettes. A true charmer, with a huge potential not to miss! Ask us more:

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Smoky Black Lusitano Stallion

REF #397 25.000 - 40.000 €

Are you looking for a great mover with rare smoky black color? Look no further – this young stallion, born in 2016, is a true head-turner. Not only is a true charm, beautiful looking with extremely rare coat, as he is a fabulous mover! He evolves in the arena with lightness, elasticity and amplitude. He is naturally uphill and uses his body in a very correct way, swinging in each step. Easy and uncomplicated under saddle, this boy has a light contact and fells very comfortable to ride. Great opportunity for an amateur rider to progress with the help of a trainer, or for a producer to develop through the levels. Interested in learning more about this beauty? Don’t be shy to ask:

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Promissing piro free colt born in 2018

REF #426 15.000 - 25.000 €

Excited to introduce you to this high-class, extremely talented 2YO Lusitano! Descendent from extremely reputable bloodlines, he is out of Almansor by Riopele, a recommended stallion by APSL – Portuguese Association of the Lusitano Breed. With a solid body structure, exquisite looks and rare bright buckskin color, this promising colt can be exported worldwide as he is tested negative for piroplasmosis. With three excellent gaits, he has an excellent hind-led action and incredible knee action, progressing in the arena with elasticity, groundcover and lightness. With a noble and typical look, he has the sweetest character and kind nature! He has been through a complete handling training, with makes him trust fully in humans in all situations, including transport, new locations and meeting the farrier. Combination of all the key ingredients for a future star with a bright future ahead! Make sure you get in touch if this is your future horse:

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Young Black Piro Free Star

REF #364 25.000 - 40.000 €

This incredibly expressive and attractive young black Lusitano stallion is a true prospect for the future. Started under saddle in summer 2019, he has amazing gaits, combining elasticity, power and always being uphill in his frame with a great hind leg and swinging movement. Well-behaved, uncomplicated and always focused on the job, he is very safe to ride. Very smart, he is a fast learner, who is being gently introduced to lateral work and flying changes.  A phenomenal horse with a huge personality! All in all a highly promising young prospect for an ambitious rider. Get in touch to know more:

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Athletic Young Lusitano Gelding

REF #508 15.000 - 25.000 €

What a lovely cool character this beautiful Lusitano gelding has! He has three lovely loose and athletic paces: in highlight his extremely balanced canter and the consistent groundcover in all 3 gaits. He certainly has the right work attitude and will be a quality future dressage horse. Still maturing in his body, he was started under saddle with correction and respecting the training scale. Very solid in the basics, he is ready to start the young horses’ competitions and already starts leg-hill, shoulder in and counter canter. A top choice for a rider who is looking for a quality horse to develop trough the levels. For further details get in touch:

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Charming Young Lusitano Stallion

REF #389 15.000 - 25.000 €

This Lusitano stallion is a pure charm! His beautiful and expressive look it’s only an addition to his excellent movements, with good over-track in walk, trot with swing and knee action and uphill canter. With a well-proportioned and very typical conformation, he has a super expressive big eye and a simply lovable temperament. Very smart, he seeks for human attention, always curious about what is happening around him. With good manners in the ground, he proves to keep all his qualities under saddle. We believe he will turn out into a precious horse, suitable for amateurs but with the right quality to go further ahead with an ambitious rider! Curious to know more? Contact us:

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Flashy black Lusitano gelding

REF #400 40.000 - 60.000 €

This flashy black Lusitano gelding boasts an admirable physique and descends from a proven pedigree. He impresses with his outstanding looks, with a conformation loyal to the baroque model combined with three very correct movements. He has a sweet shy nature, which only boosts his natural charm. Under saddle he proves to be easy, very comfortable and a dedicated learner, always attentive to the rider aids. With great hind-leg he is extremely balanced, and his canter is a dream to ride! If you are looking for a horse with expression, good looks and movement mixed with a great brain then this black-stunner should certainly be considered. Get in touch:

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Attractive typical Black Lusitano Stallion

REF #367 Under Request

What a thrilling horse! His personality and stunning looks leave no one indifferent – he will make sure you notice his noble look and charming personality once you arrive to the stable. Son of the famous Zimbro TVF, he has a solid correct conformation, with incredible baroque neck and very typical face. He displays three very correct paces: a super balanced canter, swinging trot and good hind leg, evolving during his work with lightness, expressiveness and elasticity. Started in lateral work and being gently introduced to flying changes, showing to be easy to learn and very cooperative with his rider. This boy suits a career either in dressage or working equitation, being ideal for an experienced amateur rider or a professional rider who looks for a horse to produce. Get in touch to book your appointment:

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Young Lusitano sired by Safado CL

REF #495 15.000 - 25.000 €

Lovely 3-year-old Lusitano sired by Safado CL. Measuring 1.62m at withers, this good-looking baroque type young stallion is well put together conformationally and has three balanced, elastic and supple gaits. Brought from the fields end of 2019, he is very sweet in his temperament, evidencing to be very easy in all handling activities. Curious and smart, we believe he will be a fast learner once we start him under saddle. For more details or to set up an appointment get in touch:

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Impressive 1.70m Lusitano Stallion

REF #396 40.000 - 60.000 €

What an impressive young boy! At the age of 4-year-old he already measures 1,70m at withers and displays a solid strong body structure. Brought from the fields last Autumn 2019, this young stallion reveals to be a true promise as he combines very attractive features for a dressage career. With excellent gaits, he shows ground-cover, uphill tendency and elastic movements. His excellent temperament and honest nature underline his bright future. He is the perfect candidate for an ambitious rider to develop up to the top level. If you are curious to see him in person you know what to do:

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Young Piro Free Dressage Lusitano Gelding

REF #404 25.000 - 40.000 €

Extremely good-looking and talented piro-free Lusitano gelding. Descendent from remarkable bloodlines, this young boy has a delightful personality: he will make sure you notice him, charming you with his incredible appearance and strong presence! Already started under saddle, this young dressage prospect has a forward and elastic movement, with power and expression. In highlight his rhythm and balance, which makes us foresee it will be very easy to develop him through the training scale. An exciting prospect for the future! Get in touch to book your visit to meet this charismatic guy:

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Piro Free Lusitano Stallion with top mind

REF #334 25.000 - 40.000 €

Rising piro free Lusitano stallion born in 2015. Started under saddle in 2019, he proves to have a simply incredible mind and stupendous rideability. Always focused in pleasing his rider, he is a fast learner, proving to be cool, calm and easy to ride – even when some lovely lady’s come close to say ‘hi!’. His bomb-proof temperament makes him an ideal horse for an amateur rider who wants to develop a young horse from basics to the top. We believe this horse will develop into a beautiful all-round baroque type, with outstanding look and who will always do his very best for any rider. Get in touch to book your appointment:

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Impressive and talented black Lusitano Stallion

REF #401 25.000 - 40.000 €

Impressive black Lusitano stallion with tuns of talent! A head-turner, this 5-year-old measures 1,68m at withers and has very good basic gaits, evolving in the arena with natural balance, rhythm and elasticity. In highlight his walk with impressive groundcover and his canter which is a ‘sofa’ to ride. Keen to learn and well-behaved, he is being gently introduced to his dressage career. A remarkably attractive young dressage horse with plenty of talent for an ambitious rider who wants to take him to the upper levels of dressage. Curious to know more? Don’t waste any time and get in touch:

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Gold Buckskin Stallion suitable for Amateur Riders

REF #368 15.000 - 25.000 €

Promising young buckskin Lusitano that is developing into a charming and gorgeous looking stallion. Keen to learn, well-behaved, he has very correct and balanced natural gaits. Pleasant to ride, he conveys a good feeling to his rider due to the solid and correct basic training he had since he started under saddle. Uncomplicated nature, he is forgiving and always keen to please, being suitable for young or amateur riders, despite his age. Might this be your new equine partner? Find out:

Piro Free Portuguese Sport Horse - FEI Prospect

REF #470 Under Request

This head-turner combines all key ingredients to become a super star. Piro-free, this highly good-looking dressage prospect has the most amazing light and elastic movement, with power and expression. Born in 2016, this Portuguese Sport Horse stallion has a lot to offer: with good size, excellent body conformation and impressive movements, he has an incredibly trainable temperament and loves to learn. It is rare to find such top rideability and temperament combined! He is certainly a super opportunity for a professional rider looking for a young star, but also suitable for an ambitious amateur rider, who wants to compete. Get in touch to book your visit to meet this piro free dressage star:

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Young appealing Dressage Lusitano Stallion

REF #369 25.000 - 40.000 €

This young stallion is a true delight to the eyes. His appealing look is only an addition to his good movements, with a ground-covering balanced canter and rhythmic trot with knee action. Well-mannered and focused on his work, this horse is still maturing and will evolve to become a typical and functional Lusitano with the right ingredients to become a truly enjoyable sport partner. Ask us more and book your visit:

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Young Lusitano with stunning looks

REF #456 25.000 - 40.000 €

You don't want to miss the chance to learn more about this incredibly beautiful and typical Lusitano. Started under saddle middle 2019, he has three lovely paces, combining great flexibility, ample forward energy, ground cover and knee action. With excellent character and cooperative mind, both under saddle and in hand, this horse is still developing his body shape and is expecting to mature around 5-year-old. Interested in learning more about this lovable boy? Don’t be shy to ask:

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Impressive Young Lusitano gelding for Dressage

REF #457 60.000 - 80.000 €

Impressive young Lusitano gelding with plenty of talent for dressage. Ideal riding qualities, wonderful basic gaits, pleasant to ride and with very good uphill tendency.  This expressive dressage horse is super uncomplicated and already has nerves of steel for his young age, maintaining a very consistent contact. Even if recently started under saddle, he is always willing to learn, which made it super easy to initiate him in later work and counter canter, where he keeps an irrepressible balance. A horse with a career ahead and ready to compete in young horse tests. Ask us more if you are looking for a dressage partner:

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Piro free mare with flashy gaits

REF #419 < 15.000 €

What an incredible mover – this talented 4YO piro free Lusitano mare almost doesn’t touch the ground! She evolves in the arena with lightness, elegance and tuns of expression. With a small, compact and typical conformation we are excited to see what this talented mare looks like in a couple of years! A fabulous opportunity for a breeder who is looking for typical bloodlines or for a rider to start under saddle. Excellent price-quality relationship. Ask us more:

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Young Piro Free Cremello Mare

REF #411 15.000 - 25.000 €

Lovely 3YO piro free Lusitano mare with expressive movement and sweet character. She presents a beautiful golden cremello coat color, but her genotype is grey as her dam is an exquisite dappled grey Coimbra Stallion. As she descends from ancient typical bloodlines, we expect her to be fully mature around the age of 5 YO: she will become an all-round beautiful and typical mare. She is a good option either you are looking for a riding companion or a breeding mare. Want to visit her? Get in touch:

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Baroque Piro Free 3YO Lusitano Stallion

REF #412 15.000 - 25.000 €

What a good-looking piro free young Lusitano stallion! With typical baroque looks, this shiny bay Luso beauty has a sweet and charming personality. Boosting liveliness and a charismatic presence, he evolves in the arena with energetic and active gates. Not yet started under saddle, this horse is being given a bit more of time as he is expected to fully mature only around 5YO. He is currently looking for a new owner who can provide him a good start and develop on his education. Can also be a good business opportunity for a producer as an investment. Get in touch to find out more:  

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Charming piro free chestnut filly with blue eye

REF #392 < 15.000 €

What a precious filly – you will immediately fell in love! With beautiful feminine looks, her blue eye provides her a unique and exotic expression. Her dam is a fantastic breeding mare, scored with 78 points; her sire is a talented Coimbra stallion, which provides her finesse and typicity. She moves with pure elegance and charm, presenting elastic, expressive gates. An exquisite piro free filly, available to export worldwide. Contact us to learn more about her:  

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Promising Lusitano colt with excellent bloodlines

REF #446 15.000 - 25.000 €

What a promising youngster! This Lusitano colt has all the ingredients to become an elite horse: excellent conformation, quality, temperament, bloodlines and beauty! A true head turner, this shiny buckskin Lusitano also has a golden proven pedigree. Both his grand-sires are recommended stallions by the APSL in Model and Gaits: Quixote MVL and Unicórnio do Retiro. This promising Lusitano has a solid body structure and progresses in the arena with rhythm, elasticity, balance and ground-cover. A horse with bright future for dressage and as a breeding stallion. Ask us more:

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