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Elegant Lusitano stallion suitable for amateur riders

REF #644 15.000 - 25.000 €

This classy and elegant dappled-grey Lusitano stallion is a fun horse to ride, with lovely personality and great progression margin ahead! This boy’s grand-sire is the famous Nostradamus do Top – the first 4* Recommended stallion in three different areas: Model & Gaits, Working Equitation and Dressage. As dictated by his genetics, we believe he will be a versatile horse, capable to succeed in both Dressage and Working Equitation. So far, he proves to have great rideability and shows a committed attitude towards his work. He displays three good paces, with the highlight on his super balanced and smooth canter: he is comfortable and uncomplicated to ride, suiting an amateur rider. If you are looking for a trainable, honest and easy-going prospect, this youngster should be part of your favorites’ list. Ask us more about him:

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Amateur friendly youngster with sportive potential

REF #604 15.000 - 25.000 €

Athletic youngster descendant from remarkable bloodlines! Sired by the Grand Prix Lusitano stallion Craque das Figueiras, this horse's pedigree dictates that he should excel on a dressage career. As his mother is not approved, he is not registered as a Lusitano, but rather as a Portuguese Sport Horse. His three clear and solid gaits, remarkable rideability and excellent manners for his tender age, turn this attractive boy into a great sports prospect. Started under saddle in 2020's Spring, he has an excellent top line, powerful end quarters and very solid cadence. Despite still being green on his training, his generous temperament shines through he is honest and uncomplicated to ride. With his generally laid-back attitude, we believe he will be a lot of fun to bring up through the levels. A great candidate if you are looking a young dressage talent for the future! Don't waste your time and find out all about him:


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1YO Lusitano filly - Solar dos Pinhais bloodlines

REF #639 < 15.000 €

New Lusitano baby-girl on sight! With feminine face and elegant neck, she has a correct conformation with long limbs. She evolves in the pasture presenting three good paces with natural balance. In highlight her genetic value as a future breeding mare: her grandfather is the famous Lusitano stallion Solar dos Pinhais (BRA) and on her mother’s side we can find the renowned Casquinha bloodlines. This young lady can be a great option either you’re looking for a Lusitano prospect to start from scratch or a quality broodmare for the future. Contact us to learn more about her:

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Young Lusitano stallion sired by Rubi AR

REF #593 25.000 - 40.000 €

This boy combines great quality in his movements, top mind and is proving to be a smart student with a fast-track progression. Sired by Rubi AR, his pedigree and obvious quality dictates that he has a promising future ahead. He has an expressive and elegant trot, canter with plenty of push from behind and a clean, correct walk. We’d like to highlight his great hind-leg activity and suppleness in all movements. Already started under saddle, he evidences an outstanding rideability that is usually common among Rubi AR's offspring. In case you're curious to see this youngster under saddle, rest assured: a video of him ridden will be presented soon. All in all, a super nice prospect with remarkable bloodlines and sportive quality! If you’re in search of a young Lusitano to bring up from scratch, this might be your horse. Ask us more:

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Confidence-Giver Schoolmaster at PSG level – amateurs' dream horse

REF #626 15.000 - 25.000 €

This extra sweet crossbreed schoolmaster is looking for his ultimate forever home! A true confidence builder, he has been the chosen competition partner of a young female rider and the best companion she could wish for to go together with on her dressage debut - he made sure to guide her through the center line with flying colors. Schooled at PSG level, this boy is a joyful and uncomplicated ride for any amateur rider or child who wants a ready-to-go partner. With an easy command of the exercises, this gentleman puts his best efforts into pleasing his rider, making sure to get everything right. With a huge heart and the wisdom of an experienced horse, he is super well-behaved and 200% reliable in every context. Even if he is already 17YO, he remains super fit, healthy and with great work-attitude – he loves his training-routine and to go out on competitions, always keeping a fresh and positive energy! As the time as come for his human to evolve towards a more competitive game, he is now looking for a new loving home – in fact this is a must for this sweet guy, that will only be available for a special person who assures his well-being and happiness until his retirement! If you look for a reliable, experienced and extra sweet boy, with a great attitude for children and inexperienced riders, here is your chance - get in touch to learn more:

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Baroque black Lusitano with stunning piaffe - AA friendly

REF #618 40.000 - 60.000 €

Fun and safe black Lusitano stallion looking for his new home! This boy has a gorgeous look and a kind personality. Performing at complementary level, he displays three correct and comfortable gaits, being easy to sit and uncomplicated to ride. With a solid and easy command of the lateral work and flying changes, the highlight goes to his dreamy piaffe and expressive trot, with a lovely swing through the body. Used to be ridden by less experienced riders, he proves to be a generous boy who is always at his top game to please, accepting his rider mistakes with chill. Often ridden outdoors, he goes regularly on relaxing hacks on the countryside, which he thoroughly enjoys. This boy has the personality of a true yard darling: he gets along well with other horses, loves human attention and thrives for his personal grooming time. He is now looking for his life partner to go out, have fun and be spoiled! If this is the kind of horse missing in your family don’t hesitate to get to know him better:

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3YO blue-eyed Lusitano by Escorial

REF #700 15.000 - 25.000 €

This leggy and sportive 3YO blue-eyed Lusitano pedigree is one to admire: his father is the 5* merit stallion Escorial and on his dam side you will find the recommended stallion Peralta Pinha. His outstanding genetics allow us to foresee a great sportive capability! With correct conformation, he shows a delightful liveliness and a special sparkle to his personality. Light and elegant on his gaits, he evolves in the arena with expression, showing a super hind leg activity and elasticity in every stride. Gentle natured, he has softly been introduced to the work under saddle, proving to be a smart learner. We expect to bring you an updated ridden video by end of summer. If you’re on the hunt for a Lusitano with an exotic look and the potential to evolve through the levels, we believe this boy will mature into an extremely attractive one! Would you like to know more? Contact us:

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Black Lusitano Broodmare in foal

REF #612 15.000 - 25.000 €

A premium candidate for any breeding program! This lady will charm you with her feminine look and shimmering black coat! Presenting the correct gaits, the highlight goes to her high knee action and active hind end, particularly in trot. Her quality as a breeding mare is unquestionable – just have a closer look at the splendid filly that follows her around in the video. Approved as a breeding mare with 74 points, she offers her offspring good mind, dimension, color and quality of movements. She has delivered two black females with top quality, whom have been included in her owner’s breeding program. In fact, this is the only reason why such this excelling broodmare is now being offered for sale. Cherry on the top of the cake, if you buy her you take a 2 in 1 pack as she is already confirmed pregnant by Almirante (SPA), who is himself out of the recommended stallion Ramses. The filly seen in the video will stay, so the mare can only depart to her new home after weaning. All in all, a top candidate if you’re on the market for a typical Lusitano mare with great quality. Learn all about her:

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Licensed Lusitano Stallion by Rubi AR - dressage prospect

REF #617 Under Request

Eyes open for this incredibly handsome and well put together licensed Lusitano stallion, sired by the Olympic Rubi AR! With strong, athletic shape, he inherited from his sire a fantastic mind and proves to have all it takes to nail it in the dressage ring! With three solid gaits, great self-carriage and a pleasing expression, he is a delight on the eye! His canter is a dream to ride: ample, irrepressible rhythm and incredible balance. The trot is elastic, with freedom of shoulder and always swinging through his body. Sired by Rubi AR, he lives up to the riding quality and talent that usually comes with this stallion's progeny. This boy makes a lovely frame under saddle and he has a nice forward-thinking attitude. Proving to have an outstanding rideability, he gives his rider a good feeling, making sure to be an absolute gentleman and a confidence giver. His working attitude makes him super accommodating and forgiving for amateur riders, yet his quality fits the most demanding professionals who look for a competitive partner with the right assets to go all the way up to the higher levels. With this horse comes yet another great bonus: he is a licensed Lusitano stallion, approved with 71.5 points. His progeny evidences great quality, as he transmits to his offspring good mind, strong structure and a formidable body conformation. Definitely a top choice if you want to include Rubi AR’s genetics on your breeding program. If you’re searching for a safe and capable prospect to take further through the ranks who has a great attitude towards his work and is super well-bred, this horse should be on your short list! Do not pass him through, get in touch:

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Luso-Warmblood by Fürst Romancier – suitable for amateur riders

REF #613 Under Request

This guy is simply a jaw-drapper! Stunning looks, great personality and a super work attitude turn him into an ideal partner for an amateur rider looking for an elegant horse with bigger size and descendant from remarkable bloodlines both on the Lusitano and Warmblood breeds. His sire is the famous Fürst Romancier and his dam is Pik Lady Plus by Peralta. Despite being a big horse, he is light off his feet and presents himself with plenty of presence. He has three good paces, a very good balance and always performs with a lovely frame. The highlight goes to his dreamy canter with beautiful rhythm and suppleness. Uncomplicated to ride and soft in the hand, he can be ridden by all sorts of riders, giving a fun and easy feeling. A true gentleman, he is polite in handling and under saddle, enjoying his job and all the attention that comes with it. He is used to being ridden outside and going on long hacks in nature, always keeping his focus on the rider. He will be a terrific option for the amateur rider who wants an honest partner to cherish for life. Are you the one for him? Ask us more:

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Piro free LusoWarmblood mare sired by Totilas

REF #607 15.000 - 25.000 €

A stunning chestnut color combined with a bald face and perfect white socks elevate the charm of this lady to a whole new level! Not only she has stunning looks, but this 3YO LusoWarmblood also convinces with her renown genetic, as her sire is the world dressage reference Moorland Totilas. Despite being small sized – we expect her to finish close to 1.60m – she has a solid structure and bursts presence. She glides around the arena with a lovely natural way of moving through her body. All three of her paces are balanced, energetic, with powerful hind leg pushing through on each step: we can easily picture her rocking on a show ring! Even if she is really green, as she just came from the fields, she proves to be a sweet-tempered mare with a good mind! She is a very attentive, intelligent youngster with a curious and brave character that gives her a special sparkle. We believe she can be a very good choice for a petite female rider to bring up through the levels. Curious to know more? Don't waste another minute:

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Superb 2YO piro free black Lusitano mare

REF #610 15.000 - 25.000 €

Modeling a charming glossy black coat and a gentle feminine expression, this girl finds it easy to charm. Descendant from reputable bloodlines, she has a very attractive gene pool: her father is Joker CC, a grandson of the Olympic recommended stallion Guizo and her mother brings the best of the old Alter Real lines. With correct, harmonious conformation, this elegant teenage girl stands-out by her sportive-type figure. Standing 1.64m at withers at the age of 2.5-year-old, she is expected to end around 1.68m. The modern look combined with her quality gaits allow us to foresee her forging a career in dressage. Light on her feet, she shows well-balanced movements with a nice suppleness, elasticity and impulsion in all three gaits. She has a curious and human-oriented personality which make her a really nice option for an amateur who wants to start a young horse from scratch. She is still living the good life out in the fields where she will finish her development until the age of 3YO. Afterwards she will be gently introduced to the work under saddle to kick-start her riding career – this is if she is not ravished to a new exciting project before that! Despite having the potential to pursue a sportive career, she would also be a smart addition to any breeding program: she will provide her offspring with size, genetic value, color and quality movements. Either you’re looking for a talented sports prospect or for a quality broodmare, this is your girl! Tested piro free, she is ready to export worldwide. Don’t miss the chance to ask us more:

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5-star Lusitano schoolmaster

REF #451 Under Request

Thrilled to introduce you to this 5-star Lusitano schoolmaster! He gathers all key ingredients one can look for: beauty, brains and talent! With an incredibly expressive trot, this horse stops the arena with his presence and charm. Confirmed at PSG level, he is already approaching most of the Grand Prix exercises at home - he performs a beautiful passage and one-tempi changes are becoming piece of cake for him. This talented guy joined our team one year ago performing at Medium level and he has presented us with a sky-rocket evolution since then. He is a true pleaser who is always eager to work and give his best. As desired in a schoolmaster, he is super easy under saddle, has a forward positive energy and easy command of the exercises, responding to subtle rider's aids. He has a very soft contact and is always ridden in a snaffle. Even if he is a stallion, he is the ultimate gentleman: proving to have a relaxed mindset, people-oriented character and top work ethics. This is one of those horses that you simply can trust, no matter what is asked of him! He can do a dressage test in the morning and go for a relaxed hack in the fields with a child in the afternoon. These fantastic assets make him a very safe ride and an ideal choice for an ambitious amateur rider looking for THAT special horse. This is a really hard sell as he is an absolute favorite on our yard – only 5* homes will be considered! If you think he might just be the one for you, ask us more:


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6YO Lusitano gelding with the brain and looks

REF #609 25.000 - 40.000 €

Talented 6YO Lusitano gelding with super brain and stunning looks! With solid body structure and measuring 1.66m at withers, this boy is naturally skilled and an avid learner, which is why his training is quite advanced for his age! In highlight his trot work, where he performs with easiness, proving to have great aptitude both for collection and extension! He has a great talent for piaffe, that he performs beautifully, and already started his passage work. Step-by-step he is understanding how to put the two exercises together, executing piaffe-passage transitions with more confidence each day. In canter work he already has been introduced to the flying changes routine and is starting to understand classical pirouettes. He is a truthful horse, easy to ride and with a calm mindset: mistake-forgiven type, he can easily accommodate less experienced riders. When out of his familiar environment, he proves to be an honest and focused horse – the sales video was done in a new location never visited before and he was behaving at his top behavior. This talented chap, who proves to be a versatile horse, is looking for a new forever home! We believe he can be a good option both for Working Equitation and Dressage. If you think he might be the one, we’re here to tell you all about him:

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Young Lusitano with outstanding attitude

REF #594 25.000 - 40.000 €

This classy Lusitano is the ultimate choice for an amateur rider looking for an easy but competitive partner! Three clear, balanced and solid gaits, combined with outstanding rideability and excellent manners make this 4YO a true example pupil. His bloodlines make us dream about a bright future! He is sired by Nuxeque, who was a Grand Prix Lusitano stallion and his grand-sire is the famous Xaquiro. Carrying such great bloodlines for Dressage, this boy brings harmony to his ridden work – he is very focused on his job and has shown great willingness to work since day one. Super easy-going, comfortable to ride and calm minded, his attitude makes him really accommodating and forgiving for amateur riders. Yet, he also gathers all the key ingredients to easily continue his journey into higher levels: we believe this baby-boy has a huge progression margin and potential to explore. Despite his young age, he is already introduced to long hacks outside – that he enjoys either alone or with other horses – no matter what, he behaves like a superstar, keeping his cool, non-spooky mindset in every situation. We believe he will be the perfect choice for an amateur rider who is looking for a reliable young horse, who is also competitive! This boy will be a hard sell for his owner – he has been with her since he was a foal and she has started him in his work herself. Therefore, a 5* home is required for this sweetheart: he needs to be someone’s dream and not 2nd string! Did he conquer you? Ask us more:

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Black Piro Free Licensed Lusitano Stallion

REF #553 60.000 - 80.000 €

What a stunner! Top quality and seriously gorgeous black piro free licensed Lusitano stallion. A handsome gentleman whose balanced proportions and fantastic looks exhilarates his ‘WOW’ factor, allowing him to capture the attention of the most demanding crowd! He evolves in the arena with swing, elasticity and groundcover – with exciting gates, we highlight the uphill canter and flashy expressive trot. His sloping shoulder will most certainly provide his offspring with an excellent trot and flowing drive. Exceptional character traits and an eagerness to work complete this great stallion. He is easy to ride for his age, an absolute true gentleman, calm and cooperative by nature and one that every barn should have on their yard. A complete dream horse for a capable amateur who wants a good-looking and reliable young horse to produce through the levels; for a breeder who is looking for a stunning reproducer; or for a professional rider, looking for an excellent quality young horse. This black pearl is really a dream for any horse lover! Stunning looks, gorgeous temperament, piro free and licensed stallion. What is not to love? HE IS THE WHOLE PACKAGE! Make sure to ask us more about him:

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Grand Prix Lusitano Stallion with competition experience

REF #280 Under Request

A unique opportunity to have a Grand Prix ready Lusitano Stallion, who already has competition experience. This horse will impress you due to his type, impressive look, strongly build conformation and powerful movement. With several victories in Portugal, this mature dressage horse displays a confident command of all Grand Prix movements, always willing to perform. With strong nerves, he keeps his cool in the dressage arena and is always honest with his rider. With the look of a champion, radiant type, presence and movement, we would quote him as a FEI schoolmaster, an ideal candidate for an Adult Amateur, lady riders of young riders looking to earn their medals with a trustworthy partner. Come and meet him! Book your visit:

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Promising Lusitano with great riding qualities

REF #379 Under Request

This impressive and beautiful Lusitano gelding has all the qualities an amateur rider can look for! He will be a great company in the dressage arena as well as outside of it. With very correct movements and excellent riding qualities, he is developing splendidly under the saddle. Uncomplicated, lovely character and easy to ride, he has a very good walk with consistent over track and a super balanced and comfortable canter, which is a dream to ride. With solid command of the lateral movements, he is being introduced to the flying changes work. A horse with a promising future ahead of him and who is looking for his new owner. He will make the joys of a mature rider looking for a good-looking friend to enjoy the art of dressage riding combined with and a stylish hack in nature. Ask us more:

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Charismatic Lusitano Stallion - amateur friendly

REF #586 25.000 - 40.000 €

This charismatic 9YO Lusitano stallion represents the perfect opportunity for an amateur to ride at higher levels and have a blast doing it! His enviable exterior and captivating attitude immediately catch your attention. To match his looks, he amazes us with his admirable rideability and a cooperative temperament. With a beautiful frame under saddle, he is currently performing at Complementary level, showing great natural ability for collection exercises, such as piaffe and canter pirouettes, which he performs with class and suppleness. His lateral movements are easy, big and expressive. This boy is very smart and wants to please his rider at all times! He is incredibly enjoyable, comfortable to ride and has what it takes to shine on a competition ring or to take you on a sunset ride through the fields - all in all, an absolute amateur’s dream horse. Contact us if he left you day dreaming and wondering:

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Exquisite 9YO Sorraia - ridden and introduced to carriage

REF #589 < 15.000 €

If you're a fan of the ancient breed Sorraia, then this special gem is worth your consideration! At the age of 9, this gorgeous Sorraia stallion is a faithful prototype to his breed: he measures 1,49m at withers, has a beautiful convex profile and a simply exquisite coat color that gives him an exotic look. Ridden at preliminary level, he has three very smooth gaits which make him super comfortable to ride. With a friendly personality, this boy is gentle and calm minded, both in hand and under saddle. To top all his qualities, he is also introduced to carriage driving - this is a super versatile horse with a fantastic ability to learn. He can be great choice for an amateur rider of smaller structure, children or carriage lovers! Ideal horse if you are looking to combine a companion for leisure riding and carriage work. He is also approved as a licensed breeding stallion with 77 points, so he can also join a Sorraia breeding project and help preserve his breed! Did he get your attention? Get in touch to find out more:

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Exciting Dressage prospect by Escorial

REF #482 25.000 - 40.000 €

What an exciting prospect! This son of Escorial inherited from his father a lot of qualities, becoming an impressive young horse with plenty of talent for dressage sport. This tremendously good-looking young Lusitano stallion has the ideal riding qualities and wonderful basic gaits. With expressive movements, active hindquarters, beautiful shoulder movement with swing and suppleness, he evolves with elasticity and elegance in the arena. His expressive trot is particularly worth mentioning! Ideal choice for ambitious riders looking for a rising star. Might him be the right candidate for you? Get in touch:

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Baroque Lusitano gelding with top mind

REF #587 15.000 - 25.000 €

Descendant from Veiga bloodlines, this boy resembles to the old Lusitano type, with beautiful and expressive baroque looks. From the moment we meet him we can understand how genuine, generous and lovable he is on his character. Always seeking for human contact, he is very attentive to humans inputs, making sure to cope with anything you ask for him, no matter if you are handling him from the ground or if you are on his saddle. We believe his trustworthy character and well-mannered personality turn him into an ideal family horse! Turning 7-year-old, this Lusitano gelding is described by his rider as a comfortable, intelligent, and 100% reliable horse, who doesn’t care about external inputs, remaining focused on his job all the time. Ridden at basic level, he still has good progression margin and a lot to evolve on his training. Used to being ridden outside, hacking out is, indeed, one of his favorite activities, ranked right bellow cuddling and eating treats! A safe bet for any amateur rider! A very special home is wanted for such a loved yard favorite. If he matches your requirements you know what to do:

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Piro free Lusitano Gelding - GP prospect

REF #507 Under Request

Piro free Lusitano gelding with excellent riding qualities. Developing splendidly under the saddle, this talented 7-year-old proves to be an A+ student who is quite advanced for his age. He performs a solid PSG and has already been introduced to some of the Grand Prix movements, such as tempi flying changes and piaffe. In highlight his canter work, with a fantastic balance and rhythm – he evolves effortlessly in the arena, showing great ground cover and plenty of self-go. Light in the hand and comfortable to ride, he is a sensitive horse who responds to the most subtle rider aids – a great asset if you are looking for a younger horse with the right set of characteristics to go all the way up to the top. All in all, a dazzling showstopper with the potential to match - the perfect choice if you’re an ambitious amateur looking for a partner to teach up to GP level or a professional searching for a horse to produce. Interested on him? Inquire for further details:

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Buckskin breeding mare with top genetics

REF #576 15.000 - 25.000 €

Searching for a premium quality broodmare to boost your breeding program? This golden beauty, born in 2013, might be just what you need - her exceptional movement and extraordinary beauty make her a mare to remember! Extremely eye catching, classy and very elegant, she is a great prototype of the breed’s standards. Beautifully bred she combines a correct conformation with three elastic gaits, displaying swing, cadence and lightness. Easy in all handling activities, she is a calm minded mare with a fantastic temperament. When it comes to genetics, her bloodline is something to be admired! Her sire is the famous 4* recommended stallion Campeador. She also carries the genetic of the legendary Spartacus, 5* merit stallion and 4* recommended stallion for Model & Gaits and Dressage, as her grandfather on both her sire and dam’s side. Approved as a breeding mare by APSL with 70.8 points, she transmits color, quality of movements and excellent character to her offspring. This lady can certainly be a smart addition to your breeding program! If you think she's the one missing in your Stud, get in touch:

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