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2YO piro free Lusitano - awarded Azores Champion of Champions

REF #937 15.000 - 25.000 €

Spotted: an attractive piro-free Lusitano stallion with a fabulous look and appealing presence! This young stallion is absolutely adorable. Blessed with beautiful baroque looks and a compact, solid frame, he never goes unnoticed! Sired by the 4* recommended stallion Morante SS and with Olympic Rubi AR on his dam's side, he has impressive lineage. Following in his father's footsteps, he was awarded Champion of Champions this year in the Model and Gaits Competition in Açores.

So far, he has shown a wonderful work ethic! We believe his excellent temperament will enhance his trainability. He is people-oriented and seems to love every new challenge, making him easy and pleasant to work with. His beauty and temperament are sure to appeal to a capable amateur or producer who wants a typical Lusitano with top-notch qualities to start from scratch. Don’t miss this opportunity! Contact us at

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5YO piro free LusoWarmblood by Totilas: promising dressage prospect

REF #933 40.000 - 60.000 €

Looking for a promising dressage prospect that combines the best of the Lusitano and the warmblood? Take a closer look at this 5-year-old piro-free Luso-Warmblood stallion! Plenty of things excite us about him, but let's start with his pedigree: his sire is the dressage star Moorland Totilas, and on his dam's side, you can find the famous Tálio OC, a Grand Prix Lusitano.

Robust and sturdy, it's easy to see that this horse boasts power, impulsion, and strength. Even though he is a Luso-Warmblood, the Lusitano in him really shines through! He offers three excellent paces, with every single step being meaningful and correct. His canter is definitely the highlight, with superb balance, cadence, and rhythm. He was started later to allow him to mature fully before beginning his work under saddle. Despite having a bit more than one year of ridden work, he proves to be uncomplicated to ride, offering his rider great consistency. Character-wise, this stunner is very reliable and mature, keeping his cool even with less experienced riders. Absolutely stunning and massively talented, this rising athlete should appeal to ambitious amateurs who want a top-minded partner with just the right amount of sparkle to cross the center line with. If this is your goal, then this boy is a perfect match. Contact us for further details:

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Fabulous piro free LusoWarmblood by Desperados

REF #932 60.000 - 80.000 €

Introducing a highly promising piro-free sport prospect! This black-coated Luso-Warmblood gelding is an exceptional catch with superb bloodlines, making him a top candidate if you're seeking a premier sports partner. His pedigree is truly impressive: sired by the worldwide star Desperados and with the legendary dressage titan Moorland Totilas on his dam's side, his genetic mix is extraordinary.

Elegant and modern-looking, he is definitely a standout in any dressage arena. With a solid and powerful conformation, he has three high-quality gaits with expression and elasticity. His trot is supple and flashy, while his canter is big and ground-covering. Always showing an harmonious frame under saddle, he is a sensitive horse with positive energy and focus, providing his rider with a very pleasant riding experience. And he is just at the beginning of his career - we can foresee a great future for this horse if he ends up in the right hands! Combining all his physical attributes, genetics and great rideability, he is an ideal candidate for an ambitious dressage project. If you agree he ticks all the boxes, this is your opportunity. Don't miss out - contact us at to learn more.

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Golden Baroque Type Lusitano Stallion

REF #918 25.000 - 40.000 €

Take a closer look at this exquisite 3-year-old Lusitano stallion. With his stunning looks, refined expressive face, big eyes, golden shiny coat, and elegant swan-like neck, he is a true beauty. His correct and solid body conformation embodies the classic Lusitano breed standards. We believe he will mature into a magnificent all-around horse. With a superb mind and fantastic temperament, he is now ready to start his career under saddle. We envision this promising stallion maturing into a versatile partner, equally suited for leisure riding or amateur competition in dressage and working equitation. His impressive bloodlines include the distinguished merit stallion Rouxinol, bred by João Pedro Rodrigues, known for excellent functionality and rideability. Don't miss the chance to make this superb riding companion yours. Contact us today to learn more about him at

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3YO Lusitano mare with top bloodlines & sportive profile

REF #917 15.000 - 25.000 €

Presenting a sweet and well-tempered 3-year-old Lusitano mare! This sporty young lady hails from a lineage of proven excellence. Sired by IRS, a 4* recommended stallion, her maternal line is equally distinguished, with her grandmother being a 4* recommended mare bred by Monte Velho. Her pedigree includes two Olympic Lusitano stars: Escorial and Rubi AR. Despite her petite stature, this filly is a fantastic mover who truly dazzles in the arena with her presence and expressiveness. She is flashy and supple, excelling particularly in the trot with impressive amplitude, elasticity, and an uphill attitude. She has a fabulous and sweet character: she is brave and doesn't get scared when introduced to new environments. She is sensitive and very attentive to any request or command. We foresee she will be an easy horse to start under saddle: sensitive but an avid learner, who will want to please her rider.

She is the ideal choice for a petite rider seeking a young prospect to develop from scratch. She can become a top candidate for children to compete in the dressage ring in a few years when she is more mature. And let's not forget that her outstanding pedigree makes her an appealing candidate for future breeding, ensuring that her exceptional genetic legacy and quality are passed on. Don't miss this opportunity! Get in touch and let us tell you all about her at:

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Modern looking LusoWarmblood mare by Totilas

REF #900 25.000 - 40.000 €

Excited to introduce you to this athletic, sparkly black Luso-Warmblood! This young lady is certainly one to watch. Let’s start with her pedigree: her sire is the dressage star Moorland Totilas, which already speaks volumes about her sportive potential. Her dam is a Lusitano mare out of Latino. Standing at a compact and harmonious 1.62m, she is elegant, elastic, and forward-thinking. Naturally balanced in all three gaits, she is an expressive mover who maintains rhythm with every stride. Recently started under saddle, she is job-oriented, calm, and easy to ride, proving to be a willing learner with high rideability. This girl should appeal to dressage enthusiasts. She can be a good investment project for a professional or a wonderful choice for an amateur looking for a young prospect to develop with the guidance of a trainer. Contact us for further details at:

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Luxurious FEI Dressage Prospect - 4* Licensed Lusitano Stallion

REF #912 Under Request

Thrilled to introduce you to this luxurious FEI dressage prospect! With extensive competition experience, this licensed stallion has earned the prestigious 4* recommendation by APSL due to his impressive sporting achievements. His gaits are fluid and supple, with lovely front action and equally impressive hock action. Always maintaining a balanced and uphill frame, he proves to be elastic and ground-covering, demonstrating the quality of movement required for a successful long-term career at higher levels. Under saddle, he is comfortable and easy to ride, maintaining pleasant contact and showing great self-motivation. Everything looks effortless for this talented horse, who remains focused on his job and eager to please his rider. His exceptional temperament makes him amateur-friendly and 100% reliable in every situation, keeping calm and attentive to the rider's requests.

Confirmed at medium level, he is an experienced dressage competitor with several national podium finishes and consistent scores above 70%. His extensive and successful record confirms his quality and future potential as a high-level competition partner. These special horses do not come around very often. He is a top choice for those looking to combine both sporting and breeding careers! Don’t hesitate to get in touch:

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Piro free Lusitano with great mind - amateurs dream ride

REF #922 40.000 - 60.000 €

Have a look at this impressive and talented piro-free Lusitano stallion! Standing at 1.71m, he boasts a sporty and strong build. With three correct and balanced paces, he maintains a lovely frame under saddle, showcasing harmony and cadence. This horse is always at the top of his game, putting in his best effort every single day. Currently established at an advanced level, he performs lateral movements and flying changes with ease, executing series every 3 strides. With light contact and a forward-thinking attitude, the highlight of this boy is how he accepts riders' mistakes: he is 100% reliable and is used to being ridden by less experienced riders, always aiming to please regardless of their skill level.

Super versatile, we can picture this stunner as a family horse with the potential to compete in dressage or working equitation. He has already participated in shows, behaving as if he were at home, which attests to his superb mentality and suitability for both competition and leisure riding. He has even been introduced to side saddle! Fun, reliable, and pleasant to ride, he is a generous partner who can compete one day and hack outside the next. Ready to make him yours? Ask us how:

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Sportive 4YO Lusitano by the Olympic Escorial

REF #916 25.000 - 40.000 €

What a cute boy! This young Lusitano stallion combines top notch genetics with a great attitude! On his pedigree we can find the Olympic stallion Escorial and on his dam's side he gathers two 4*recommended reproducers: the renowned Rico bred by Guilherme Borba and Polka, a mare from Ferraz da Costa Stud. Functionality, rideability and potential certainly runs on this youngster's family! Despite his smaller size, he has a robust conformation and strong limbs. His beauty also doesn't go unnoticed - he is a delight on the eye. Presenting three good paces, this boy has been gently introduced to the work under saddle as he is being given time to fully mature. So far he proves to be have great rideability, good work ethics and is eager to learn. Under saddle, he is smooth and comfortable to sit, offering the rider a very nice sense of confidence. He is not phased by his surroundings and, as you can see on his video, trail rides are at the top of his favorites' list! 

We can picture this boy maturing into a versatile leisure riding partner, perfect for a petite sized rider who is looking for a young horse to evolve and have fun with. His kind nature and calm attitude make him perfectly suitable for amateur riders. Overall, a big heart with tons of potential to explore wrapped up in a small package: he's ready to give you his best! Curious about this sweetheart? You know what to do:

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4YO Piro Free Lusitano - ideal for amateur riders

REF #843 25.000 - 40.000 €

This charming 4-year-old piro-free Lusitano stallion is a well-mannered and delightful horse, perfectly suited for amateur riders. His pleasant disposition and ease of handling make him a pleasure to work with. He is forward off the leg and presents himself in a very honest and mature way. With a balanced stride in all three gaits, he maintains light contact and provides a comfortable ride: riding him is a delight. Always eager to please, he demonstrates progress with each session.

Currently performing at the elementary level, he has a solid training foundation and is being introduced to lateral work. Whether tackling ridden exercises or everyday tasks, he approaches everything with ease and is a delightful companion. Affectionate and responsive to human interaction, he thrives on attention. He's been to shows, is familiar with trailer travel, and settles easily in the sand paddock. He enjoys hacking out, whether alone or in company. This sweet boy is now seeking his forever home! Don't miss out on this opportunity; he is offered at a really nice price-quality relationship for the right home. Contact us for more details or to arrange a visit: ​

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Dressage Prospect - Piro free 4YO Luso-Warmblood by DeNiro

REF #897 40.000 - 60.000 €

Indulge in the charisma of this glossy black piro free Luso-Warmblood, destined for greatness in the sports arena. Sired by the renowned De Niro and with a dam from esteemed Ortigão Costa bloodlines, his genetic makeup promises a dazzling future in dressage. Unveiling three solid, ground-covering gaits, his strong hind-leg action propels him forward. He shows a delightful swing in his trot and his canter is uphill and powerful, showcasing his athletic prowess. Although just recently arrived from the fields, this 3-year-old exhibits excellent behavior and a job-oriented mindset. His picture-perfect frame and athletic abilities position him as a high-quality choice for capable amateurs with future competition aspirations, or professionals who are seeking a promising young dressage prospect to develop further. Tested negative to piroplasmosis, he is ready for worldwide export. Does he meet your requirements? Feel free to reach out:

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Gentle and Versatile OC Luso-Warmblood Schoolmaster

REF #914 25.000 - 40.000 €

Looking for a gentle and versatile schoolmaster to have fun with? This 15-year-old Luso-Warmblood stallion, hailing from the esteemed Ortigão Costa bloodlines, is an opportunity not to miss if you're an amateur rider in search of a reliable schoolmaster to combine leisure and competition. With a superb temperament and a cool attitude in every context, he's a true pleaser who will delight any rider looking for an established partner ready to cross the centerline.

This stunning gentleman boasts a modern conformation combined with a beautiful expression that simply charms you! His correct and smooth movements showcase great rhythm and balance. With a light contact, collection comes easy for him. Performing at PSG level, he is solid in commands, accepts rider mistakes with grace, and easily delivers what is asked of him! With a solid basic work, he executes beautiful series of flying changes and a stunning classical piaffe. With a fantastic temperament, he always maintains his focus and eagerness to perform. Pleasant and fun to ride, he's a perfect match for the amateur rider seeking higher training movements combined with the right frame of mind for leisure rides! Ready to make him your own? Inquire now:

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Lovely Lusitano by Jasmim Plus - ultimate amateur rider dream

REF #911 25.000 - 40.000 €

This horse is the ultimate dream for any amateur rider! He combines beauty, character and is an absolute delight under saddle! With a stunning face and well-proportioned conformation, he is sired by the recommended Lusitano stallion, Jasmim Plus. This boy showcases three excellent paces, easily keeping his balance and rhythm. Under saddle, he provides a comfortable ride, maintaining a light and pleasant contact while presenting a very appealing frame. Trained in accordance with the training scale, he has been under the careful guidance of an experienced professional female rider. His solid foundation work certainly sets him on the right path to keep evolving toward the most demanding exercises.

With his generous nature and calm temperament, he is very affectionate to humans, always eager to learn! His overall easy-going attitude ensures that every visit to the stable is a pleasure and makes every ride fun and fulfilling. He checks all the boxes for an amateur who would like to combine fun and competition, either in dressage or working equitation. Don't hesitate to contact us today at

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Talented Lusitano gelding performing at PSG level

REF #913 60.000 - 80.000 €

Introducing you to this stunning Lusitano gelding, bred by João Pedro Rodrigues, boasting an exceptional pedigree that speaks volumes about his talent and rideability. His lineage traces back to the legendary 4* recommended stallions Ahoto and Rouxinol. Standing at 1.68m at the withers, this handsome gentleman combines the grace of a baroque face with the elegance of a refined, sporty build! Under saddle, he showcases three excellent paces that promise to delight his rider. His trot commands attention with expressive and elastic knee action, smoothly transitioning between extension and collection. His canter is fluid, ground-covering, and effortlessly balanced. Currently performing at PSG level under the guidance of an Olympic rider, this talented gelding already has competition experience.

With a temperament suitable for an amateur with some experience, this gentle boy is fun to ride, easily adapting to the needs and abilities of his rider, forgiving amateur mistakes. Whether in the arena or out on the trail, he remains composed and confident, unfazed by new surroundings and outdoor environments. He can be a versatile equine partner, proficient in both Dressage and Working Equitation, making him an ideal match for ambitious riders with competition interests. Another plus about this stunner is that, even though he is a gelding now, he has been approved as a Lusitano breeding stallion by the APSL and there is frozen semen available for coverings in the future. If you're looking for a genuine partnership and a combination of beauty, talent, and impeccable training, don't miss the opportunity to make this remarkable horse a part of your equestrian journey. Contact us today to arrange your test ride:

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Gorgeous looking and talented PSG mare

REF #855 Under Request

Thrilled to introduce you to this gorgeous looking buckskin mare! She is genuinely uncomplicated in every way: a real pleasure on the yard, she loves human attention and makes friends easily – however she is not the kind of mare that depends on her ‘herd’: she can also be happily independent when needed. Not only she has a super work ethic, but she has an obvious natural ability under saddle: solid at PSG level, she is already being introduced to most of the Grand Prix exercises. Her piaffe and passage are very expressive, and she already offers her rider one-tempi series. Even if she can perform the most demanding dressage exercises, she will be happy to be ridden by children – her calm disposition and good brain turns her into a versatile horse that will adapt to her rider. Easy to travel, she has competition experience behaving like a pro when out of home! Talented, straightforward and uncomplicated, matched with stunning looks… she is the WHOLE package. We would love her to fall into a lifetime home as this is what a beautiful horse like this mare deserves. Don’t hesitate - contact us:

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Sportive Young Lusitano for Dressage Enthusiasts - amateur friendly

REF #909 25.000 - 40.000 €

This gifted Lusitano stallion is poised to fulfill his potential, blending innate athleticism, sporty appearance and great rideability. His athletic physique is evident in his well-proportioned conformation, strong body structure and sturdy limbs. Standing at 1.68m, he showcases three well-balanced paces, with a notable hind-leg action pushing through at each stride. His canter stands out for its balance and rhythmic cadence, effortlessly maintained. When ridden, this horse offers a comfortable seat, maintaining a light and pleasant contact while displaying a natural engagement. He is attentive to the rider and thoroughly enjoys his work — an intelligent horse eager to please and eager to learn! He is equally at ease in both indoor and outdoor riding environments: he loves to go out for a canter in the yellow fields! His gentle and cooperative demeanor makes him well-suited for amateur riders. We anticipate him progressing easily through the training scale, making him an ideal prospect for amateurs seeking a young partner for a dressage career. For further information about this promising horse, do not hesitate to contact us today at

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Versatile Black piro free Lusitano stallion ready to charm

REF #893 40.000 - 60.000 €

This captivating black piro free stallion effortlessly charms with his immense beauty and stunning color! Showcasing a gorgeous baroque and compact conformation, he is well-balanced in his body and has solid limbs. Descending from Ortigão Costa bloodlines, his pedigree endows him with exceptional rideability and a great mind. Showcasing three correct gaits, the highlight goes to his canter - extremely balanced, smooth and comfortable to ride. His tigerish walk is noteworthy, displaying a delightful swing through the back. The trot reveals great hind-leg action, which will undoubtedly become even more impressive and expressive as he refines how to better use his body in a more uphill balance.

This stunning youngster is always eager to learn and please, combining a steady mind with a pleasantly forward attitude. He is sensitive, with a nice forward energy, providing the rider with a delightful feeling under saddle. With a gentle, human-oriented personality, his work ethic shines through! We believe this young horse is an ideal match for an amateur rider seeking an attractive horse to develop further with the guidance of a trainer. A versatile, beautiful boy with an exceptional temperament and trainability. Book your visit today at

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Small Baroque Lusitano Ideal for Working Equitation

REF #910 15.000 - 25.000 €

Attention all Lusitano old-type baroque enthusiasts – don't miss out on the chance to add this stunning young stallion to your stable! This boy proves that quality doesn't always correlate with size – despite being smaller in stature, his compact yet elegant build and innate charisma immediately captivate. With three impeccable gaits, his canter stands out as a highlight, offering riders a truly dreamlike experience. Whether effortlessly galloping across fields or performing in the arena, he maintains a smooth rhythm and impeccable balance. With a light and pleasant contact, he displays great agility and flexibility. Lateral work and collection come naturally to him – all the key ingredients of a fabulous working equitation partner. He's an absolute joy to work with, showing honesty and an easy-going nature both in and out of the arena.

Whether navigating the countryside or refining skills in the arena, he proves to be reliable and cooperative. We firmly believe he could be an excellent match for an amateur rider and, with the right guidance, his potential as a working equitation prospect can definitely flourish.This boy presents an fabulous price-quality ratio, guaranteeing a wise investment for any astute enthusiast. Ready to make him a part of your equestrian journey? Reach out to us to find out how to bring him home:

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Promising Dressage Prospect: 2022 Lusitano by Escorial

REF #908 15.000 - 25.000 €

Looking for a promising dressage prospect? Look no further: this Lusitano colt is the future dressage partner you've been on the hunt for. This colt embodies an harmonic blend of appealing morphology, robust conformation and sturdy limbs. His sportive appearance is further complemented by his proven pedigree, making him a standout choice. Sired by the Olympic Lusitano Escorial, renowned for imparting quality and athletic prowess to his progeny, this young boy speaks of promise and potential.

This youngster clearly knows how to move: you can see ground-covering strides, supple elasticity and energy. Though  still in the stages of growth and development, his innate ability and grace foreshadow a future as a dressage partner. A diamond in the rough who is ready to join you on new adventures! Don't miss out on the opportunity to acquire a remarkable young talent at a very attractive price. For further details, inquiries, and to arrange a viewing, please don't hesitate to contact us at

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Stunning Grand Prix Lusitano schoolmaster

REF #903 Under Request

This stallion truly has it all! He's a licensed breeding Lusitano stallion, trained to Grand Prix level, boasting stunning looks and possessing the temperament to excel under an amateur rider. With impressive bloodlines, he's sired by the remarkable Campeador, and Spartacus appears twice in his pedigree through his dam line. Fitting into the schoolmaster category, he's a suitable partner for both amateurs and professionals. His handsome, baroque appearance and natural charm are sure to catch the eye. Not just a pretty face, he's uncomplicated to ride and eager to step onto the center line with you! With a relaxed demeanor that can brighten up when called upon, he's a pleasure to ride. Comfortable under saddle and responsive to contact, we're confident he'll be an exciting partner who brightens up your day. Reach out today at to learn more!

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Licensed Lusitano Schoolmaster at GP level

REF #904 Under Request

Lusitano licensed stallion with a delightful compact physique and sterling temperament – the perfect fit for riders in search of a Grand Prix-schooled schoolmaster. This delightful horse combines intelligence and eagerness to work, ensuring a pleasurable and joyful riding experience. Tailored for ambitious amateur riders or junior riders in need of a 'ready-to-go' partner, he offers a platform for growth and learning. Classical dressage enthusiasts will also find his conformation and lightness truly appealing. A pleaser by nature, this stallion consistently puts forth his best efforts, showcasing a forward attitude, responsiveness to aids and an all-around delightful ride. He is now looking for his forever home: schedule your appointment by contacting A lovely horse who is ready to make your equestrian aspirations a reality!

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Golden Luso-Arabian: talent & mind combined

REF #882 40.000 - 60.000 €

Take a closer look at this stunning and exceptionally talented Golden Luso-Arabian: an absolute must-see in our online catalog! Trust us when we say he's even more captivating in person. Riding him is an absolute delight! This remarkable horse showcases superb trainability and possesses the coolest temperament you could ask for. Very precise in his movements, he exhibits excellent natural balance, providing a thrilling riding experience - smooth, comfortable, and consistently rhythmic with every stride. Light on the contact, he effortlessly maintains a lovely frame, making him a joy to ride, always easy and uncomplicated, regardless of the task. Despite his young age, he already displays a beautiful piaffe and is beginning to master the passage!

One of his standout qualities is his bombproof behavior - a horse with immense potential for future development yet suitable for riders of all levels, from amateurs to professionals! His confident attitude and complete trust in his rider make him a reliable companion, whether at home or in new environments. A secure choice for any amateur rider seeking a companion to share life's pleasures with! For more information, please contact us at

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Young Black Lusitano Stallion with Charisma and Potential

REF #895 25.000 - 40.000 €

Exuding baroque elegance and charm, this spirited youngster captivates with his innate charisma and class. Displaying three correct and balanced paces, he moves with an active and forward energy, particularly highlighted in his flashy trot with a lovely freedom of shoulder. This young horse possesses a great personality and demonstrates the right mentality towards training. Having transitioned from the fields in October 2023, he has been given the proper time to mature and is now ready for his educational journey, slated to begin his rider-focused work in January 2024. He has already been introduced to transport and confidently attended a bustling horse show, behaving like a seasoned professional. His personality and overall qualities make him an ideal prospect for amateur riders seeking a promising equine partner to develop with the guidance of a trainer. Don't hesitate to reach out for further details:

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Promising black beauty: charisma, movement and potential

REF #890 25.000 - 40.000 €

This glossy black boy is the perfect combination of charisma, movement and potential! He is definitely one to keep an eye on, as he promises to mature into an incredibly attractive prospect. With a stunning compact conformation, he makes sure he doesn't go unnoticed, captivating with his allure and presence. Curious and always attentive, he is a smart boy with a lovely inquisitive personality!

Elegant and light, he effortlessly glides through the arena with uplifting movements: supple, expressive and elastic. His trot is particularly noteworthy: he channels energy through his body, translating it into freedom of shoulder and amplitude. This gentleman came from the fields very recently and we consider him to be a highly interesting 'start-from-scratch' project! He has been introduced to transport and had his first out-of-home experience while attending the busy and crowded Golega Horse Fair, where he stayed for one week to represent his stud and breeder. Are you the one to shape his potential for the future? We're here to tell you all about him:

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